The Moments That Make It All Worthwhile

I have to say that every day there seems to be some highlight that brightens my day, an email or phone call that brings a smile to my face and lets me know that this whole book publishing experience is definitely worthwhile. From having my book given away for prizes last week on the local radio station, friendly email from people telling me they enjoyed the book, to people dropping into the house to get a copy of the book signed. I’ve been very busy and enjoying it all immensely.

Today I had another book signing— this time in Bridgewater. A lot of people dropped by to chat, some of them had already bought books earlier and wanted them signed, some had heard about it on the radio earlier in the week and a few friends from Dalhousie even showed up purposely because they knew I was there and wanted to show their support. One lady came by to have four books signed for Christmas presents. She has connections to Dalhousie and she said the book reminded her of certain things. She mentioned a particular passage that touched her heart. As usual some people will stop by and chat but don’t end up buying a book but as far as I’m concerned they are every bit as important as those who do. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a little talk and forget for the moment what you’re there for. And who knows these very same people may decide to pick up a copy some other time.

My favourite story for the day is of a little boy, maybe eight or nine, who was sitting on a bench beside his mother, perhaps twenty feet from the book store. He watched me for a bit and before I knew it he ran up and asked me how much the book was. I told him and he ran back to his seat beside his mother. Some time later another lady showed up and she, along with the little boy, approached the table where I was sitting. The woman and I chatted for a bit and then she told me that her grandson wanted to buy the book for his mother but she was sitting not far away. Once he decided he wanted the book for sure he ran back toward his mom and sat beside her. I saw her take some money out of her purse and give it to him. He came back and got me to sign the book and proudly walked up to the cash register to pay for it—a Christmas present for his mom. How utterly sweet. I bet she’ll sure be surprised come Christmas morning!

I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

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  1. Aw, experiences like that of the little boy at your signing are why I keep plugging away at my work. I really want to connect with people, and knowing my mushy self, I would’ve gotten more than a little misty-eyed over the little boy buying your book as a surprise gift for his mother.

    And congratulations! I can’t wait to get to the point of hand cramps from book signings and hearing how much someone enjoyed and embraced my writing. That’s huge. You should be proud of yourself for such a great accomplishment.


    • Thanks Leah. What strikes me the most is how many nice people I’ve had the privilege to meet. I am extremely grateful for this entire experience. So far it has been wonderful!


  2. I love the story of the little boy buying your book. Thanks for sharing. And it must be such a thrill to hear praise from your readers.


    • Yes, that little boy really made my day even though he has no idea. He was just buying a gift for his mom. I’m so glad I had the chance to meet him.


  3. What a sweet encounter! I’m glad you had another pleasant day. Feedback from readers is always important. Favourable or otherwise it’s good to know how readers are relating to your story. Yours has certainly been getting a positive response. 🙂


    • Thanks Carol. It is great to get feedback from readers. In this case I happen to know the person and I could absolutely see how she might relate personally to certain parts of the book. I think it’s terrific when people can take something you’ve written and end up feeling that they are somehow a part of it.



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