Picking my number one

My Chapters and Coles signings are behind me. I can breathe a little easier now. My biggest fear was not getting out and meeting people –heck that was the best part–  but wondering if our Maritime weather would be cooperative. Not only is East Dalhousie known for its friendliness we are known far and wide for the snow we get each winter,  often times before winter even officially arrives,. When the rest of the province is snow free we’re often knee-deep in that white stuff. Makes for some awesome snowmobiling but sometimes the roads aren’t fit for travel. This fall, however, it’s been all sunshine and rain. A traveler’s paradise.


I had six different signings this month at various Coles and Chapter’s. The people in these places sure know how to treat their local authors. They are as welcoming and warm as anyone could hope for. Now, as great as each one of these stores were if I was to pick a favourite I’d have to say that Coles in New Minas really have it going. They set me up at a big table, welcomed me to their store, the manager slipped a Lindt chocolate bar on the table for me, came out and snapped photos and was just so super nice and friendly. Her staff was terrific as well and one of the employees even bought a copy of the book for her mom. She was a real sweetheart. She explained that each year she buys an author signed book for her mom and that this year she had specifically asked for “Bitter, Sweet.”


Since people in the Valley know me, there were quite a few who dropped in just to say,”Hi” Some got me to autograph books they had bought back in October at the book launch and didn’t stand in line  to have them signed that day. I don’t blame them, I was told that people waited for an ahlf hour to have their copies signed, even I wouldn’t have waited that long for me!!!


Now, for all of you who have even seen authors sitting out in front of a bookstore all by their lonesome, take a moment just to stop by and hello, maybe talk about the book a bit, ask a question or two. Just being friendly doesn’t cost a dime but you’ll feel good about it later an s you’ll be appreciated immensely. I promise. You don’t need to feel obligated to buy a book but it can feel mighty lonely out there by times…… I know, I know, you think it might feel a bit awkward. Don’t you? But I have yet to meet another author who wouldn’t appreciate a friendly hello and, I’ll admit to being one of those people who would have walked on by in the past if I didn’t intend to buy a book. But no more.


In the next while I’m gong to post some of my favourite folks at my signings. I had plenty of laughs, received little gifts, (Hey, if you want to win me over just give me a Mars Bar…My little sister showed up at one of the Halifax signings with her two girls and whipped out a dual pack of Mars Bars…Well, she didn’t have to go that far to win me over but the gesture was surely appreciated.) Boy, people are so thoughtful, so friendly.


So that’s it for now, Coles and Chapters, you’re all number one in my book but that Lindt chocolate bar in New Minas kind of pushed it over the top for me.


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  1. It’s wonderful when experiences exceed our expectations and worries prove groundless. Your community sounds like a very friendly place, full of nice people and an abundance of chocolate bars. 😀


  2. I have never seen an author do a signing, other than in my imagination or on tv, but I will remember your words.

    You sound so brave! Wow. Amazing. I think I would not have slept for days prior (and possible after). No wine even to steady the nerves 🙂

    Congratulations, Laura! Sounds like such an experience.


    • It was great fun and it’s really strange when it’s your book out there. It’s as if all the focus is off you and onto the book. I really don’t feel as though it’s about me at all. If that makes sense. I think that really helps.


  3. Lynn

     /  December 3, 2009

    Laura, it was an honour meeting you at Coles in New Minas on Saturday. I had read in WFNS that you were going to be there, and it worked out that I was in the mall at the time of your book signing. I came out of Coles with a copy of your book which you signed for me.

    I found you to be a very easy going, approachable lady, and I appreciate your encouragement regarding my own writing pursuit. Obviously, I have taken you up on your suggestion to be in touch, so it would be wonderful if you get time to jot an email off to me so we can chat a little more.

    Finally, congratulations on Bitter, Sweet. The story is captivating! I have only started reading it and hated to put it down, but I needed to sleep. Soon I will be able to say I read it all. 🙂


    • It was nice meeting you too, Lynn. And I certainly did wonder if you would take me up on my offer. I really enjoy getting out and chatting with people.

      I hope you enjoy the book and I will definitely send off an email. I remember how lonely it was when I first started writing. I didn’t even know another writer and wouldn’t even tell many of my friends that I wrote until some years after I’d been published.

      Expect to hear from me in the future.


  4. I’ve never seen an author at a signing either, but I, too, will remember your advice if I ever do. It’s been fun enjoying your adventure with you.


    • Thanks Linda. And believe me when you’re at your first signing you’ll enjoy it when people drop by to chat even if they don’t buy a book.


  5. Lynn

     /  December 5, 2009

    Laura, I finished your book last night. What a good read! I found that I had to pay close attention because of the way you wrote. Your ‘voice’ unexpectedly would change from the main character to the narrator and back again. In fact, you seemed to have three different ways of delivering the story. It made me wonder as I read … where do writers/authors ideas come from in such detail? I believe you have a very intelligent ‘Muse’. 🙂 I hope mine proves to be of that quality. Blessings and continued success.


    • Thanks so much Lynn. So nice of you to take the time to comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

      When I was at Word on the Street and I mentioned that the book was written in both first and third person another writer who was in the audience told me later that she didn’t realize you could do that with YA fiction. I started out writing short stories for literary magazines and it seems in literary fiction anything goes. When I wrote “Biter, Sweet” I just wrote the way that felt natural for me.



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