The small things really do count

Maggie is just starting to write stories. She told me she’s written one about an alien and one about a bunny. She even wrote one about a princess. There’s nothing like a good princess story I always say!! Little sister, Katie is just learning to read. She turned a bashful eye my way as she stood across the table from me. With smiles so sweet and innocent, they really brightened my day.

Maggie and Katie’s mum stopped by during one of my signings to explain to Maggie that I had written a book and to instill in both of her young daughters the importance of writing stories. She seemed like a pretty neat mom to me. While I was singing a book for their Nanny Francie, I told Maggie that if she kept on writing that one day she might be sitting at a table and signing her own book.

My favourite moment was when they passed my table once more before leaving and gave me a little wave. Made my day. How could it possibly not? I’m a real push over when it comes to little moments like that. Have you ever stopped to think how small gestures can make such a big difference in someone else’s life? And what can be more important when that small act is remembered with fondness far into the future? Thank you Maggie and Katie. Thank you for making me smile even now as I write this..

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  1. I don’t think most of us realize how much impact some of our smallest, simplest gestures might have. Little acts of kindness sometimes aren’t so *little* to the recipients.


    • That is very true, Carol. I enjoy doing small things for people as well. I sometimes like to do them anonymously. Feeling good about doing something nice for someone is sometimes all the thanks we need.



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