If all else fails I can always sell lemonade..

I know what!!! You should open a lemonade stand and then give away a copy of your book with each glass of lemonade you sell!…..My 6 year old niece’s eyes are wide with enthusiasm as she shares her idea with me the day I was at Coles in the Halifax Shopping centre.  Hmmm… Maybe she’s got something going there. After all she’s a pretty smart cookie. Little Molly hasn’t got any suggestions for me. She’s only four and likes to giggle. She stares at me with her big brown eyes. I notice a giggle behind those eyes just waiting to jump out at the slightest provocation. There’s a lady hovering around my table, feigning interest in the book, my guess she’s really listening in on my conversation with Miss Emma. Yup, she’s smiling…..she’s heard it all. I can see the utter delight in her eyes. She’d like to hear more.

You really gotta love the honesty of a six year old, not to mention the ingenuity. I mean, I never would have thought to set up a lemonade stand….Never!   What would I call it? Perhaps the “Bitter, Sweet Lemonade Stand.” Kind of has a ring to it. Don’t you think? Although I’m not sure it would sound so appealing to anyone actually wanting a tall glass of lemonade. But what the heck, sometimes you have to go out on a limb.

So I’m thinking maybe I can talk Miss Emma into having a photo snapped with me while I’m sitting there waiting for the next person to come along wanting a signed copy of “Bitter, Sweet.”  No such luck! She wants a dollar for that privilege she tells me. Sheesh! I guess having an aunt with a published book isn’t near as exciting as you might imagine, at least to a six year old… I hope Santa realized that day what an honour was bestowed upon him when Miss Emma let him have his picture taken with her…

It was all good in the end. My two nieces returned later in the day after their visit with Santa. A bag was opened and a Mars bar was being waved in front of me. Yup…..another successful book signing…Halifax Coles, you did me well!

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  1. What fun and how cute! amazing what comes out of the mouths of little ones!

    Are you moving in the book signing, or is this is the last?

    Oh, and my kids won’t go near santa – don’t even want him to look at them.


    • My signings are over for now and I’m not sure what’s in the future at the moment. I was told that I’m on the list for a local independent bookstore but they hadn’t worked out any details with the publisher….So, we’ll see.

      What are the ages of your children, Jennifer? I can see how Santa could be a bit weird in the eyes of a little one.


      • They are 3 and 6, Laura.

        They adore Santa in story books and on tv, but not in person. I have to admit I see why.

        Are you sad the signing are done, or are you grateful? I imagine a little of both. Sounds like it has all gone so perfectly!


  2. For now, I’m glad the signings are behind me, Jennifer. I did enjoy it even the ones where not many people bought books. My editor tells me that is all very much the norm. She says that many big name authors have stories of sitting at a table for two hours and not selling a single book. Books were bought at every signing I went to so I guess that’s a plus. And like I mentioned in an earlier post I really want this to be more about meeting people and having a story to talk about later and just enjoying all those little moment. Of course sales are important, it would be ridiculous for me to say otherwise but I want it to be much more than that. I hope that makes sense.


  3. donthangupthequill

     /  December 16, 2009

    That is so sweet! And I love the name Bitter, Sweet Lemonade Stand!



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