“Bitter, Sweet” in the Chronicle Herald

Jeffery Simpson of the Chronicle Herald did an email interview with me last week about my book for the book section  of the Sunday paper. It can be found by clicking on the link.


Thanks Jeffery!

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  1. Good article! If I get my book published, I hope I can find a Canadian publisher, too. I live in a big city and no such book reviews go on here. Seems you’ve had a lot of publicity and you can’t beat that in this economic climate.

    I have awarded you some much deserved flowers over at my blog.


    • Thanks Tricia!……. Ahem….that’s “when I get my book published.”

      The publicity has been good for the book and I’m very grateful for it all.

      Hmmm…flowers….I must go check this out!


  2. Yes, congratulations on all the support and exposure you’ve had in your community.Tricia’s right; where we live you’d probably have to be nominated for a Pulitzer to get any publicity.


    • Isn’t there a local book scene where you live, Linda? I can’t imagine not having your local paper do a story once your book is published…. That’s just wrong…

      Perhaps we get attention because of our smallness and when someone has a book published it is a big deal. Geographically, I live an an area where two separate parts of the province consider me local and that helps. I’ve come to know the editor of one of the local papers and that’s always helpful, too. As for the article in the Halifax paper, I just consider myself very lucky that someone chose to do a story about my book. But the book was also reviewed in Canadian Family and Atlantic Books Today. I mean where would our books be without publicity?


  3. Congratulations on the Chronicle Herald article, Laura. Even with the inevitable errors it sows seeds that should draw additional interest in Bitter, Sweet. I’m on the outskirts of Vancouver and find there are opportunities for publicity both in the city and in the suburbs, but they rarely happen spontaneously. I’m convinced marketing, whether by publisher or author, is the key.


    • Thanks Carol. Yes, I believe you’re right about the marketing aspect. People have to know about you and your book if they’re going to buy it.


  4. Thanks for the comment and for reading my blog. I’ll check out Bitter, Sweet!


  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Laura! That is so exciting!
    Years ago my newsletter got a full page in the Chronicle Herald and the mail poured in for awhile after that. For sure your book sales will soar now.


    • That’s sweet of you to say Lynn. It was quite a surprise when I received an email wanting me to do an interview..Great recognition for the book.



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