Buying Local

While putting some final touches on my Christmas shopping yesterday, I ended up wandering around the mall finally making my way to the bookstore. (Okay, so my first stop was the bookstore…I’m a book addict. I can’t help myself.) As luck would have it I found a book by one of my favourite authors and figured it was a well deserved Christmas present.

So as I was browsing around, I noticed a table out front with a sign suggesting a variety of local books. Of course, Bitter, Sweet was among them. The table was filled with books!

Since local is definitely in, I suppose it’s a great way to promote our local talent and why not.

I’m not sure if I’m overly sensitive now that my own book is out but there seems to be a healthy selection of local books this fall. (By local I’m referring to authors from the South Shore of the province.) I don’t recall seeing this type of promotion other years. It may have been there and I just didn’t see it.

So to Coles in the Bridgewater Mall, I salute your promotion of our local talent. For anyone in the area make sure you check it out. I think you’ll be just as delighted as I over the variety of titles.

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  1. My writing group meets in the Langley City Library, and the staff there have set up a complete bookcase featuring work by Fraser Valley writers. They also display a brochure listing all of the local author’s names. I don’t know who initiated the idea, but I think it makes good sense for libraries and bookstores to support writers who come from among their circle of customers. It certainly helps reinforce the “buying local” idea.


    • What a great idea that the library has a bookcase featuring local writers. It’s good to know that people are interested in the local literary scene and to have the library promoting local writers is simply fantastic. You have me curious now. I must try and get into the library in Bridgewater one day to see if they are doing anything similar and perhaps make a suggestion..


      • I won’t be in that library until after the New Year, but I’ll take my camera along to the January meeting and snap a few photos of the local writers’ promotional display. I might just have to blog about it. 🙂


  2. The independent bookstores in town treat local authors better than the big retailers, by showcasing their books as you described. Another reason I visit the independents.


    • You’re right, Tricia. That is why I find the independent bookstores fun to visit. We do have a several in our area. By our area I’m talking about a forty mile radius. One in particular that comes to mind is in Kentville and they always have in a supply of local talent. It’s a good way to make our writers feel special.



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