Some Things Just Don’t Change (and sometimes that’s a good thing.)

Some of us think of change as a bad thing because we like things to stay just the way they are. Some of us, however, look upon change as growth and the opportunity to enrich our lives. Sometimes the process of change is darn uncomfortable but once we finally get the end result we see that all the things that happened were indeed for our own good. It helped us become the people we are today. It’s just that sometimes the getting there sucks….plain and simple.

But some things never change and that’s what I’m posting about today. I wanted to share some photos taken from our library.

I hope you’re not claustrophobic!

It’s a bit small but it still holds plenty of books. What I’m most amazed about (and this will sound silly to most of you) is that I can go online and search for a title and have it delivered. And if I wanted to put in a request for my book? Well, they’d bring it along, too. (Maybe I’ll just stick to my own copy!!)

The bookmobile has been coming to E. Dalhousie for nearly forty years. For those of us with a love of reading we don’t have to go very far. Mind you, the bookmobile only makes a trip out from the Annapolis Valley once a month but there’s no limit on the amount of books you can sign out. Sometimes they’ll even send your request via Canada Post….How cool is that?

So, welcome to the library here in East Dalhousie!

May it remain unchanged for a very long time because books are a good thing…A very good thing.

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  1. Changes in (Bad?) Latitude – Changes in Attitude. Another big change for us on the horizen – 2 weeks from now. Going further south for a 1 year gig in Miami. Hate leaving our home & beach (we’ll make weekend visits – but Deb will hate those tiny planes – Hah! Haven’t mentioned that yet.) but we gotta do what we gotta do. Change is what you make it. No worries –

    Libraries – Love ’em. Never take out books though – OCD. (Nothing like finding crushed Cheetos inside a book along with greasy fingerprints. Blech!) I visited ours today to make a donation of books (not mine – Jenn Hubbards – see below) & some cash (designated for their teen pizza nite).

    Jennifer Hubbard (author THE SECRET YEAR – YA released 1/7/10) is a huge library supporter (Philly area), terrific author & informative blogger. She has run several blogosphere benefits for libraries. Very inspiring. Her link is on my blog. She’s also very nice & always helpful & encouraging. Check her out (& her book) when you get a chance. WARNING: I only recommend nice people.

    So folks – when you see cool things like Laura’s library bus, keep in mind, libraries need help to keep up the services & upgrade their supply of books. Very worthwhile – besides, library people are so underrated.


    • Change is exactly what you make it, Dave. May you enjoy the changes that are coming your way!! Make the most of them.

      So, I’ve never thought about finding crushed Cheetos inside a book but now that you’ve brought that idea forth I’m sure I’ll be finding something stuck between the pages real soon because those kind of things never show up until someone points them out..Thanks Dave!!! You could have spared me that one! lol! The next time I find a greese spot or a crushed Cheeto I’ll think of you..

      I do plan on checking out Jennifer’s book. It sounds great! And the fact that she writes Y/A makes it that much more inviting for me.

      You’re so right, Dave, to remind people that the services offered by our libraries all cost money and there are many ways to support your local library. I know the bookmobile accepts donations any time!! I’m so overjoyed that our bookmobile has had the funding to provide this service to folks living in rural areas. A 50 minute drive to the library would be most inconvenient.


  2. I remember the Bookmobile that would come to the little elementary school I attended MANY years ago. I was a painfully shy (did I say shy? fearful!) child so it was a very timid visit I made my first time – a little less frightening each time afterward. But I found one book in particular that I loved, and I sure wish I could remember enough about it so that I could find that book again.
    It was many years before I again climbed the steps into a bookmobile, in fact it was not until last year! My sister and I saw one in the shopping mall parking lot and I urged, “Let’s go in!” I didn’t borrow any books, but she did for her son.

    I have learned that I don’t appreciate change very much. If something is good the way it is why change it? 🙂 But, with change comes opportunity to learn more things, and hopefully to grow because of it. As for bookmobiles, I agree .. may they never become simply a thing of the past.


    • We often say we don’t like change but that’s not always the truth. If the change is something that we determine as good then we’re all for it. If on the other hand, we determine the change is something we don’t want then we make statements supporting that.

      I bet when your grandchild came along you were happy about that change. Right? See–change isn’t always bad. Now, I’m not going to say that I jump at all changes because like everyone else, I don’t like feeling uncomfortable about things. But I do try to remind myself that the end product will look much different once I get there. The path we take in order to get there is often filled with bumps and potholes.

      Some changes happen slowly, such as overcoming things like your shyness for example. (and it sounds as though you are getting past that) Maybe it’s just when we’re forced into making quick changes that we balk at the idea..

      Sorry, just a few of my thoughts on change….didn’t mean to go on so..


  3. That is so cool! I hope it doesn’t change either. What great proof that people have always and will always love to read.


  4. Cottentail Bunna

     /  February 4, 2010

    awww… brings back a lot of childhood memories. They canceled the stop to my rural area a few years back. Only reason given at that time was lack of use, saddly I didnot about the service until it was the lack of use.
    So yes, funding is necessary but getting the word out that this service is available too is needed: otherwise many other routes could be cancelled in the future.


    • It’s unfortunate that some areas are no longer being serviced due to lack of interest. You’re right about people needing to know that the service actually exists because you can’t show up if you don’t know about it..


  5. Cottentail Bunna

     /  February 4, 2010

    Sorry folks, I should of drank my cup of tea first, then type … the sentence… “I didnot about the service unit it was the lack of use” …should of been “I didnot know about the service until it was too late.”


    • Don’t worry about the typo’s. It just means you’re human like the rest of us. I’m lucky because I can always edit my responses if I notice a mistake later. I guess that’s the beauty of having your own blog…lol

      Thanks for your comments “Cottentail Bunna” and thanks for stopping by…


  6. That is really cool! My goodness – my printout from the library is so massive I cannot imagine what it would be if I didn’t have to pick them up myself. Often, I am limited by what I can carry!


    • With little ones in the house, the library is a service I’m sure you simply couldn’t do without.

      My kids always loved library day. My oldest daughter had a book she borrowed over and over from the bookmobile and then one Christmas many years later, as an adult, I was able to get her her own copy of the book. She was ecstatic. Now she will have it to share with her own children. I think that’s pretty neat! But I would guess she never would have known about the book at all if she hadn’t found it on the bookmobile that day almost 25 years ago.



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