Keep Out!—-New Book by Hélène Boudreau

Apparently the newest way for an author to promote his/her book is through a book trailer. I’ll admit I’ve heard of them but never actually watched one until this evening.

For anyone interested in seeing a book trailer, slip on over to Hélène Boudreau’s blog to get a look at the trailer she put together for Keep Out! her illustrated early chapter book ( ages 6-9)  due to be released this April from Nimbus Publishing. It is the first book in the Red Dune Adventure series.

While you’re there you’ll get to know a bit more about Hélène and her work.

Hélène’s middle reader, Acadian Star, 2008 (Nimbus Publishing) has been nominated for the 2010 Hackmatack Award. She is also the author of several non –fiction books and has a tween novel titled, “Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings” due to be released in the fall. But you’ll see all that when you visit her site.

Congrats, Hélène, to all your success. You’ve earned it!

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  1. 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful mention, Laura!


  2. Trailers may only reach a certain audience, but they’re another useful method of promotion. I think they can be a lot like interviews in providing a tantalizing preview that can be passed around the digital world. Richard Mabry has a trailer in his media pack; Jane Kirkpatrick uses them, too; but not every successful author does. Movie companies use them all the time. I suppose it’s a little like a presence on Facebook in that it’s not a necessity but it may help.


    • It really makes think about how our world is changing. Information can be sent far and wide by the click of a mouse. I think you’re right, Carol all these things help to promote books.Is it something you think you would ever do?
      Now that I’ve seen Helene’s I’m curious about how it is all put together.And I’m made very much aware of how little I really do know about this changing world.


  3. Hi Laura and Carol,

    I put the trailer together via . There, you can import images, add effects, time transitions and add music from their music library or import your own. Having Diane Lucas’ awesome illustrations was a great starting point. The rest was fairly straightforward. The same effect can be achieved with programs like Windows Movie Maker but that would have been a much steeper learning curve for me.

    With onetruemedia, the right to use the music is included with the very reasonable downloading fee. Most important is that you make sure you have, or buy the rights to all images and music used in your trailer.

    I hope you both get to give it a try. It really was a lot of fun. 🙂


    • Thanks for sharing the information, Helene. You are always so on top of everything, which is good news for those of us who aren’t so “with it.” You do make it sound easy and who knows perhaps one day I will give it a try.



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