Just one of those weeks

It’s just been one of those weeks. I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see it come to an end. Evenings have been a blur. Last night I crawled off to bed at 9 o’clock. I don’t know when the last time I’ve done that. Sheesh! I haven’t even got a clue as to who got booted off American Idol this week. If you’re reading this and you know please do tell. I’m behind in visiting my regular blogs. I have managed to get a little reading time in but I’ll get around to all of them real soon.

Wow! That sounded like whining to me. Did that sound like whining to you?

There is a new blog I’m fast becoming a regular reader of and if you click on the link you quickly see why. At least there’s been a bright spot to my days…

Charlotte’s Weblog

I’m still picking away at my short story, the one I promised myself I’d have finished by week’s end. It’s the last in a collection of linked stories or at least I hope it’s the last. I guess time will tell. A little bit of polish afterward and it’ll be set to go!

So how’s your week going? Have you accomplished everything you set out to do? Or are you like me, just waiting for the week to come to an end?


Oh Baby!! Do I have bragging rights?

Okay, so tell me she’s not the sweetest grandkid ever…

Now that I’m a grandmother, I’m told that, a certain level of obnoxiousness is acceptable. Although this isn’t going to turn into a “how much I love my granddaughter blog,” I have to at least do one blog post. Right?

The people who know me outside this blog know that this past week has been a very exciting time for me. Last Friday I became a grandmother for the first time and I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time with my daughter, her husband, and new baby in Moncton. Being a country girl, this is the longest I’ve spent in any city. Oh the traffic! That’s certainly something you don’t hear so much of in good old E. Dalhousie.

So here I’ve been this past week doing what’s needed and offering support. (I can remember how unsure I felt about being a new mother the first time around.) But my daughter and her husband are both more than capable, and I have every confidence that they’ll get along fine. It’s been fun to be here this past week, to be able to help out but not take over—- if you know what I mean.

That’s my news this week. I have been working on a short story as well but somehow that news seems to pale alongside the BIG news.

Now to prove I’m not totally obnoxious and self-centred, I’ll give any of you a chance to talk about whatever you’re just itching to tell the rest of the world. Okay..ready..Here you go….

Beautiful Blog Award

I have never thought of myself as someone who wins awards. I’ve always been the person who does well but seldom receives recognition in that way. (I could argue the fact that recognition does come in many other forms other than awards but I’m not going to.) Not meaning to sound pitiful here. I’m just stating facts.

But joy of joys I happen to have received a second blogging award last week. Am I on a roll or what?

This latest award I received came from Carol A. Garvin which she called the beautiful blog or blogger award. As Carol suggests there is more than one definition for beautiful and so she choose to give the award to bloggers whose “words either educate, encourage, or inspire me”.

To have Carol choose me as one of the recipients means a great deal. Carol has quickly become someone I look up to in the blogging world and her comments are always encouraging and insightful. And so I thank you Carol for choosing me as one of those worthy of this award.

Here are the rules for this award: copy the logo, choose those blogs that you find most beautiful (whatever your definition of beautiful might be)and then link back to the person who chose you.

It took me some time to decide who to give this award to. I don’t follow a lot of blogs because time doesn’t often permit it and I wanted to narrow it down to two because two seems like a good number. I know Carol has already sent this award to my first choise but I have to agree with her whole heartedly. So excuse me Jody/Carol for being repetitious. I just can’t help myself.

1. Jody Hedlund-–Not only do I absolutely love the look of Jody’s blog but the content is equally great.

2. Susan R. Mills—-“A Walk In My Shoes”—-Love all those shoes and I’m not even a shoe person…go figure. Susan’s posts are always a delight to read.

It you have time check out these two great blogs and see if you don’t agree with me!!

Book Bash

On Saturday evening local children’s authors and illustrators writers of children’s book from the area got together at the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia to present the books they published in 2009. There was a long list of authors and illustrators presenting their books that evening.

Talk about author overload….I mean that in a very good way.

I’ve been a member of this organization for many years but this is the first time I’d been to the Federation office and the first time I’d met most of these talented writers. When you live out in rural areas it’s not so easy to participate in many of the events offered. It’s not just a matter of jumping into the car and off you go. A two hour drive often makes you think twice, especially during a working week. And to be honest, until Saturday night, I’d never given it much thought. Sometimes situations are the way they are and you just don’t question them.

Earlier that day I’d met Jill MacLean at the book launch for Unlocked. Jill is the author of The Nine Lives of Travis Keating and most recently The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy, two wonderful books for young people. The Nine Lives of Travis Keating won the Ann Conner Brimer Award and The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy has been nominated this year for the same award…Yay Jill!! Imagine my delight when Jill bought a copy of my book that evening for me to sign.

No photos of Noreen Smiley, who is our CANSCAIP rep for Eastern Canada. I introduced myself to Noreen earlier in the day at the book launch, another wonderfully supportive author. I chatted a bit with Kate Inglis (author of The Dread Crew, Nimbus Publishing). Again, no photo. I’ll have to speak to my photographer.!

I’m not ashamed to say, I was like an excited child when Budge Wilson sat beside me. Budge is also an award winning author and another truly talented writer in our area. Of all the writers for children’s book that I ever hope to meet, Budge is up there at the top of my list. She’s simply amazing and the sweetest, most down to earth person you’d ever want to meet.

I’d met Steve Vernon at Word on the Street back in September. Steve’s a great support to local writers and a fellow Nimbus author. Steve has turned his talents from writing ghost stories to include writing for kids with his Maritime Monsters book, proving his versatility as a writer. Way to go, Steve!

The evening was a wonderful celebration, a time for me to meet other authors which is not something I get to do very often. What a great group of people. My only regret was that we had to leave earlier than I would have liked to. That long drive home, you know.

So that was my weekend. Pretty frigging awesome I’d say. I’ll take author overload any day.


Because yesterday was such a busy day I’ve decided to break it up into two posts. Also, I wanted to write about each event and didn’t want one to overshadow the other. Both were totally amazing.

The book launch for Unlocked began at 2:22 at The Great Hall at Dalhousie University. We arrived a bit early, not sure exactly where we were going. Better early than late is my motto.

Great poster!

Book launches are such a big deal for any author. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s your day to shine, to celebrate the publication of your book.

Cynthia spoke a bit about her publication experience, the significance of the number 222 on her road toward publication, and read from her book. Cynthia’s book can be purchased at local bookstores and is also for sale on Amazon.ca. I’ve included a link to Cynthia’s site here.

Congratulations, Cyndy, Enjoy your success. You’ve earned it!

Weekend Plans

On Saturday evening the NS Children’s Literature Roundtable celebrates local children’s authors and International Children’s Book Day at the Writers Federation in Halifax. All local authors who were published in 2009 have been invited to take part in the celebration and of course I was invited as well.

There will be a host of children’s authors on hand and I can hardly wait. I’ll get to meet some of my favourites. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some great photos to post.

There is also a book launch for Unlocked, a young adult novel written by Cynthia D’entremont, which I plan to attend in the afternoon. (If I’m going into the city I might just as well make a day of it. Right?) I met Cynthia at the book launch for A Maritime Christmas back in 2008 and we’ve kept in touch. I’ll share some of those photos as well. It’s nice to be able to support our local authors. It’s so very important.

This evening we’re off to the dinner theatre in town. Each year the Parish Players in New Germany preform a play written by Heather D. Veinotte.
Nothing like good friends, good food and plenty of laughter to round off the evening.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Is It Really Spring?

Spring seems to have arrived early in Nova Scotia. Buds are swelling, mayflowers are blooming, and the lakes have been free of ice for weeks now.

And people are suspicious. They want to believe, yet they aren’t quite sure. What if this is just a taste of spring and they’ll wake one morning to find that winter has returned? They’ve been sending out warnings.

“Don’t get too used to it.”

“We haven’t seen the last of the snow.”

I choose to ignore the warnings.

Over the Easter weekend we had record-breaking temperatures. While Halifax was basking in 25 c temperatures, the normal for this time of the year is 5c. It’s been simply wonderful.

I’ve decided it doesn’t matter what might be waiting down the road because I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures today.

I’m posting a photo of some Mayflowers my Aunt picked for me over the Easter weekend. I only wish you could smell their fragrance.

I say, enjoy the gifts we are given and, try hard not to worry about something that might never come to pass.

And the Winner is……….

Drum roll please………………..

Thanks to all of you who entered the contest. I had a blast reading your comments.

Kristina, I hope you enjoy your copy of “Bitter, Sweet.” I’ll get it in the mail to you pronto.

This was so much fun you never know I might just do it again someday.!!!!

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