Weekend Plans

On Saturday evening the NS Children’s Literature Roundtable celebrates local children’s authors and International Children’s Book Day at the Writers Federation in Halifax. All local authors who were published in 2009 have been invited to take part in the celebration and of course I was invited as well.

There will be a host of children’s authors on hand and I can hardly wait. I’ll get to meet some of my favourites. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some great photos to post.

There is also a book launch for Unlocked, a young adult novel written by Cynthia D’entremont, which I plan to attend in the afternoon. (If I’m going into the city I might just as well make a day of it. Right?) I met Cynthia at the book launch for A Maritime Christmas back in 2008 and we’ve kept in touch. I’ll share some of those photos as well. It’s nice to be able to support our local authors. It’s so very important.

This evening we’re off to the dinner theatre in town. Each year the Parish Players in New Germany preform a play written by Heather D. Veinotte.
Nothing like good friends, good food and plenty of laughter to round off the evening.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Laura, it sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned! This weekend I’m going to my college’s spring kick off game and writing, writing, writing!


  2. Your weekend plans beat mine, hands down! Next weekend I have a women’s outreach breakfast to attend on Saturday, and a local group of the Federation of BC Writers have a “Meet, Greet and Eat” gathering on Sunday. A couple weekends from now we’ll be heading out of town to attend a wedding. But this weekend… nada. If the weather is decent maybe some gardening, if not, lots of writing.


  3. My weekend is filled with birthdays. My husband’s is tomorrow, as well as two of my cats (turning 1 and 2). Plus my daughter has two birthdays to attend. My house is a wreck and looks like it will stay that way awhile. Wanna trade?


  4. Enjoy your weekend, Laura. You’re book arrived and I just might find time to read it tomorrow.



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