I’m Waiting For You, Margaret Atwood

Tomorrow I’ll be reading at the Library in Lunenburg. For the past two weeks the Lighthouse Log has publicized the event. (You never know if it’s real until you read it in the paper. Right?”)

For anyone sitting in the audience (I know, I’ve been one of those people) you’re just sitting there waiting to be entertained by the person doing the reading. I’m not expecting that I won’t be a bit nervous. It’s my first library reading, after all. Easy to be all blasé about it while I’m sitting in the comfort of my own home but it’ll likely be a different story come 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.

I really don’t mind. Heck, I’m only human. I’m actually looking forward to it.

I haven’t been to a whole of readings. A few years back my husband and I went to the Pearl Theatre in Lunenburg, to hear Margaret Atwood read, when her book, “The Tent,” first came out. Okay, so Margaret Atwood is a real pro and I’m still a baby when it comes to all this. We all have to start somewhere. Right?

Margaret has done this so many times I’m sure she could do it with her eyes closed. She’s bright and witty and a real joy to listen to. Unfortunately, the pictures of she and I together ended up being deleted from my camera….I could have cried but, what good would that have done? It was my own fault for not taking the time to learn how to take photos off the camera. I’ve since smartened up about such things. I’ve had to. My kids have all moved out and my husband (God love him) knows nothing about digital cameras or computers. But wait until the next time Margaret’s in town. I’ll have pictures galore. Just you wait.

And who knows, perhaps she’ll return the favour and put in an appearance tomorrow at MY reading.

Can you tell I’ll be holding my breath on that one?

Wish me luck tomorrow!!

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  1. Melanie

     /  May 14, 2010

    Good luck!!!


  2. You don’t need anyone else to wish you luck. You have trust in yourself, remember? You said so yesterday. 😉

    I’m betting it will be a great event and your reading will be enjoyed by all. As for Margaret attending… hmmm, how far is it from Toronto to Lunenburg??? Then again, I could imagine she’d love to occasionally arrive somewhere in cognito and take in things without a lot of fanfare as she could 40+ years ago. There’s a price to pay for fame.

    Have a wonderful afternoon.


  3. I must have been suffering from a memory malfunction, Carol. You’re right I did say that just yesterday… 🙂 Although I have to say I think I trust more in my writing abilitites than my speaking abilities..LOL

    You can be sure if Margaret Atwood shows up I’ll have a ton of photos this time. Promise!!

    Thanks, Carol. You made me giggle. 🙂


  4. Jo Ann Yhard

     /  May 14, 2010

    All the best tomorrow! I heard you at Word on the Street…you have nothing to worry about. It will be terrific! Enjoy all these moments…butterflies and all…it’s the dream come true after all!


  5. Cottentail Bunna

     /  May 14, 2010

    You’ll be fine. Have a wonderful!


  6. Cottentail Bunna

     /  May 14, 2010

    oop there I go again… Have a wonderful time!


  7. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I really appreciate it!!


  8. I can’t wait to hear what a wonderful day you had.


  9. I don’t think you need luck, so I’ll just say, “Have fun, Laura.”



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