Meanwhile @ the Lunenburg Library

I had a great time reading at Library in Lunenburg today. I was excited to see an announcement about my reading on the library door when I arrived.

Doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Okay, so Margaret Atwood didn’t show up. I know, I know, maybe I should have tweeted her earlier in week, reminder her that I came to the Pearl Theatre when she was in Lunenburg, and was one of the few people who actually had a copy of “The Tent” that evening since there was a mix-up with the publisher and the books hadn’t arrived. She’s a busy lady; I figured I’d have to jog her memory. I’m pretty sure she’d have been there if only she had known. After all, I’m one of her “T-Pals.” Don’t I deserve some perks?

Maybe as she reads this post, she’ll drop a comment. I can always hope, right?

In a relaxed atmosphere, I read from my book. After the reading, we chatted about the book and I answered questions. See Margaret, you missed your chance. I would have answered any question you asked.

But look who did showed up. It was Syr Ruus, author of Love Songs Of Immanuel Taggart. Have I mentioned I love that book?

Okay, so my husband bribed her with a free bookmark if she’d hold up a copy of my book for a photo. Amazing what people will do for a bookmark. Isn’t it?  It’s a good thing Syr is so good-natured.

So that was my afternoon. Lunenburg is one of Nova Scotia’s most historical and, might I add, beautiful seaside towns.

I’m already planning my next trip.

I’ll catch you next time, Margaret.

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  1. Syr Ruus

     /  May 15, 2010

    Dear Laura,
    Lovely job. Enjoyed your reading very much. And you didn’t even weep! I must confess that I often get teary when I read my own writing even when it doesn’t seem worth weeping over to anyone else. Writing is an emotional act,
    as we both know, from the depths of our being. Don’t even know where it comes from half of the time, as I think you said. Thanks for signing my copy of the book, which, as I’ve told you, I enjoyed very much. Also, loved being a stand-in for Margaret Atwood. When I was at my signing at Costco, Donna Morrissey happened by and mentioned that Margaret’s first signing was at a lingerei section in some department store. Perhaps we’ll be signing together again in the future at some posh venue. Syr


    • I was tickled pink that you were able to make it, Syr.

      My attempts to meet Donna Morrissey have failed so far but I haven’t given up hope. She has been to The Inside Story in Greenwood a few times so I know it’s just a matter of time before our paths cross. Nova Scotia is a small province. I wonder if she could be bribed with a bookmark or if she’d hold out for something bigger. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment..:)

      You are welcome here any time.


  2. Pam Chamberlain

     /  May 16, 2010



  3. It’s good to hear your reading yesterday was a pleasant and relaxed event. And “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” might be appropriate: the reality of Syr Ruus’ presence rather than just the hope of Margaret! So nice that Syr could be there!

    Love the pictures!


    • Thanks, Carol. All joking aside it was so nice to have Syr at my reading. We ran into each other in town last winter and have been able to keep in touch since. She’s a terrific lady.

      PS. I read that dreaded third chapter, the one I was afraid to read last year at Word on the Street. I guess I’m getting toughened into it.


  4. Very cool & very brave. When I was invited to read from my book at the main branch of our library I declined – as usual. Wrote them a check instead to buy the pizza for one of their teen events.

    I really need to visit Nova Scotia – maybe when my current rat race ends.


    • Practice reading out loud, Dave. You’d be surprised how many of us are uncomfortable with the sound of our own reading voice. Then read for Deb and add a few others.Eventually you’ll become more comfortable. I can’t guarantee you won’t be nervous but you’ll get over it. Nervousness isn’t the end of the world.

      People seem to enjoy hearing authors read their own words. After all, no one knows the words better than we do. And if you mess up, no one really cares. Everyone realizes how difficult it is. You don’t seem too many jumping at the chance to read in public.

      Give it a try. Just a small group to start. I dare you!!


  5. Laura, how fun! And it sounds like Syr was a good trade for Margaret.



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