Seeds of inspiration.

Seeds of change.

Seeds of hope.

Seeds of doubt.

What seeds are you planting in your life at the present moment?

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  1. They’re all here, fighting to take hold. I’m trying hard to nurture only one… change. I’m attempting to evolve from just writing novels to doing something with them.

    Love the photo and all its implications!


    • Thanks, Carol. Seeds are really wonderful when you stop and think about.

      I wish you all the best as you plant your seeds of change. 🙂


  2. All my seeds are being overwatered. I’m hoping that stops soon.


  3. Melanie

     /  May 19, 2010

    Seeds of sleep!! Though they’ll surely take another good few weeks to germinate, though! 😉

    What’s the plant in the photo?


    • The plants are cucumber.

      Here’s hoping you get your wish in the sleep department and you’re right, it will take some time for those seeds to germinate.


  4. Lately I have been sowing seeds of discouragement into my own mind. Or, better said, I have been feeding the seeds planted there. I have been discouraged about writing, about not writing, about how HARD it is to get even a picture book published unless I pay someone to do it, about how MANY publishers are out there sorting through THOUSANDS of manuscripts from as many hopefuls, and knowing mine will just get lost in the pile. So, what’s the use? I told myself. Why bother even hoping? Why write? Why pursue this dream? So I stopped. Until tonight when I got a pep talk from someone in the know. As a result I am thinking a little more positively now, thinking about how I will try to change things so that I am writing more often — maybe a little every day (this is a start at journalling) — so that at least my brain can release some ideas ruminating in there.

    I’m not a loser unless I don’t even try. I cannot finish unless I start. I will not have a chance unless I nourish the dream – the seeds of hope and inspiration and change. Let the birds peck up those seeds of doubt! 😉


    • Hi Lynn, Nice that you dropped in. Discouragement gets to the best of us and I’m glad that someone gave you a pep talk. All the postive thoughts in the word will do very little to further us on our journey if we don’t do the work involved to get there. Hopefully, having a positive attitude keeps us going and furthers us on the path towards our goals. First we have to do what is required of us and as many times as it is required.

      Think of the positive things you do right now. You put out a newsletter!!! That’s wonderful. Do you know how many people would likely want to be doing that but haven’t got to that place yet? I’m sure there are many. Other people are already reading your words, Lynn. You are making a difference. You are a writer! Remind yourself of this every day!

      I know one blogger friend who was writing 100 words a day. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s a move forward. And if time and inspiration allow perhaps those 100 words will turn into 200, or 300.

      I hope you will begin by planting and nourishing the seeds of change, hope and inspiration in your life.



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