Happy Canada Day!!

Just thought I’d say Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the celebration.. After a morning of writing, I’ll be off to a BBQ with friends today. Nothing like good friends and good food to make a celebration complete.

Enjoy the day, no matter what country you live in, because we can all use a day to just celebrate life, a day to marvel in the natural beauty around us, and simply be in the present moment.

Do we really even need an occasion?

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  1. I’m so jealous of every countries that actually celebrate something to do with their country – USA have 4th July, Irish have St Patrick’s Day – us English do nothing.
    Happy Canada day to you Laura, I hope the weather’s great for your bbq.


    • I guess that’s why the Queen had to come to Canada to join in the celebration!

      But Happy Canada day to you from me!!!


  2. Happy Canada Day, Laura. You’re right.

    Do we really need an occasion to celebrate and be in the moment?

    Have fun at the bbq!


    • Happy Canada Day back at you, Cathy!!

      Any time is a good time to celebrate. I’m with you on that one.. 🙂


  3. Happy Canada Day! – tell Peter and Gail I say Hello!


  4. Canada’s 143rd birthday is a wonderful reason to celebrate, but like many of our own birthdays, it was spent quietly at home. We gave thanks for our blessings and freedoms, watched some of the celebrations on TV and enjoyed the day doing not much more than a few garden tasks and lots of reading and writing. It was very pleasant. We had a church BBQ here last Sunday with 55 people so were very content with today’s peacefulness. I hope you enjoyed your BBQ and Happy Canada Day to you.


    • Thanks, Carol. We had a great time. I’d spent some time the previous day with this particular friend, and as we noted during our drive home, that with all the horrible things taking place in the world, that being silly was actually not a bad thing. In fact, we stated, “Silly is a good thing.”

      So , needless to say, we were silly, we laughed and cracked jokes. We enjoyed the evening. It was most welcomed.

      The previous day our little corner of the province was shocked and saddened over a domestic violence situation that has since been making headlines across the country-And while wallowing in tragedy serves no purpose. one can not help but feel empathy for all those involved. Still, there comes the time to push the sadness away and enjoy the gifts, the pleasures of friendship regardless of the sadness that looms overhead.

      Today it is back to reality and a time to reflect and pray for all those involved.


  5. Happy Canada Day Weekend, Laura. Looks like we have another reason to celebrate. The Canucks have finally signed a big honky defence man. Yeah!


    • Joylene, that’s the wonderful thing about celebrating. There’s always something great coming along to start us celebrating all over again. Have a great weekend!



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