Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday was crammed full of activity. The day started with a quick trip to the Ross Farm to watch the re-enactment of The New Ross Freighters taking a load of lumber and barrels to Chester Basin.

It might have been nice had I thought to charge my camera battery the night before. But I did get in a few shots. But there are plenty of photos on the Ross Farm Museum facebook page Just follow the link if you want to take a peek.

Here’s a link to the Ross Farm Museum’s facebook page filled with photos.

I also had a nice luncheon with Syr Ruus at the Wildwood Café on King Street. Great food, and great conversation. We both had a bit to celebrate with Bitter, Sweet`s nomination for the Bilson Award and Syr recently found out that her book, Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart, has made the long list for the ReLit Awards. Congrats, Syr! I`m keeping my fingers crossed for both of us.

You can now find Syr on facebook if you want to joing her fan page.

to keep up on her news.

In the evening it was off to an anniversary party for good friends of ours. More great food, music by the Joyce Seamone band (local) and lots of laughs.

Busy, busy, busy. This morning we`re off to a church service at Christ Church in New Ross which is being followed by a potluck.

Was there ever any doubt that food would be involved again?

I still have to squeeze in some writing time as I’ve just recently realized that I need to write a whole new chapter. See what can happen during the revision process? Not sure why I didn`t see it before, but believe me, writers learn not to question these things but simply do them.

How is your weekend going?

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  1. Fun, Laura!
    Exciting to be with other writers – and I wish you both best of luck.

    great writing to you!


    • Thanks Jennifer! It is important to get together with other writers from time to time just as our blogging friends are important. Somethings only another writer can understand!


  2. I can relate. I just got back from an overseas vacation, tomorrow is the first day of school for my daughter, I have a guest coming the 18th, my critique group meets the 26th (I haven’t written anything yet), a long weekend away for labor day, and my daughter’s b-day party to plan for.

    I wonder how women, with a house, family, yard work, etc., ever find time to write. I haven’t figured it out yet.


    • Oh and overseas vacation!!! Sounds wonderful, Tricia.

      Wow! and you came back in time to be right in the middle of a whole lot of everything.

      I’m sure things will slow down after a bit. Best of luck!


  3. Sounds like yours has been very pleasant. Mine has been quiet as I hibernate away from the heat (34.9 degree yesterday). But it’s been productive in that I *finally* came up with an idea and got started on a contest piece.


    • Yay! New ideas are always fun!

      Not so Yay on the heat, though. We had some warm weather here, as well. The humidity is a killer.

      Good luck on the contest piece!


  4. Melanie

     /  August 15, 2010

    No ambulances at this year’s party, I hope!

    I’ve been spending the weekend trying to get the baby to sleep. Does that take you back? lol


    • No ambulances but apparently one of the band players is a paramedic. I think that was their way of cleverly having an ambulance on standby without actually having an ambulance on standby..LOL!

      Oh yes. Definitely takes me back. I’d like to sympathize but……lol!
      Seriously, I know what you’re going through.. You’ve also been doing some editing this weekend besides, which I might add is GREATLY appreciated!!!!



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