Feeling the Heat

I’m told the humidex was at 41 today that 106 f if you’re in the US… Just saying

With the sweltering heat we’ve been experiencing this week, as we await the arrival of Hurricane Earl, these photos of Lake Torment are a welcomed sight.

I love the name, Torment, which was part of the reason why I chose to have one of  the scenes in my novel set here. I have no idea where the name originated from. If anyone reading this knows please, please tell. And if you don’t know you can make something up. It might make for interesting reading on the sweltering  hot day.

I have to say I love the clouds in these photos .

There are some pretty interesting name places around here. This summer I’ve been driving past Kill Dog Cove Road every day. Each time I see the sign I have to wonder where the name came from. If a name like Kill Dog Cove Road doesn’t inspire this writer’s mind then there’s little hope. I’m also partial to the Goose Chase Road in New Germany, not far from where I live. Pretty inspiring names if you ask me. Who knows one or both may make it into a story somewhere down the road.

Do you have any interesting place names to share? Or maybe you’ve figured out where Lake Torment got its name. In either case perhaps I’ll stop admiring those photos of the lake and go for a swim while I’m feeling the heat..

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  1. There is a very treacherous road in Oregon my parents found themselves on called Dead Indian Road. The name didn’t sit well with my mom in that she’s a quarter Indian.

    As far as Torment goes. The name means Take a Picture and Post it on Your Blog to Torment All Your Friends Into Wishing They Were There.


    • Dead Indian Road is an interesting name. I’m guessing your mom made it through alright.

      You made me laugh. I didn’t realize that Lake Torment got it’s name that way…:)


  2. Earl is supposed to hit here Saturday morning…bracing for high winds, and possible contamination of the well if there’s a lot of rain. Hope your community comes through with no serious damage!



  3. Where I live in southwestern Ontario, a local landmark is Punkeydoodles Corners. Three roads intersect there and it also marks the meeting of three county boundaries. The hamlet’s sign gets stolen a lot! We’ve had the heat and humidity here, too, for a lot of the summer, which is an extreme (and unwelcome for me) change from the past several years. Sincerely hope Earl gets a major downgrade before he finds your shores.


    • Punkeydoodles Corners.—I love that name!!

      I work outdoors so these days have been particularly unbearable. but once Earl passes through, the weather will cool. Thanks Heather.


  4. How about Climax, Minnesota? Interesting place names I’ve made up for novels include Rapture and Whale Song. I love Torment!

    I also love the heat. It’s over and done with here for a long while. I’d gladly trade!


  5. Thanks, Laura! It can take a week to get here, because I’m off to a writer’s retreat. 🙂 BTW, the way you always respond to comments is so awesome. I know how much time that takes.


  6. I wish you well during Earl’s visit. It will be cooler once the storm has passed.

    Maybe later I will think of some interesting NS place names (such as Tatamagouche), but I believe that Newfoundland has some of the most interesting and amusing names in all of Canada, such as Come-By-Chance, Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content, Heart’s Delight, Blow-Me-Down, Nameless Cove.

    Btw, I enjoy the beautiful images you post here. 🙂


  7. wow Laura, beautiful photos! did you take them??
    heat was brutal…and today freezing!!



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