House On Mosher’s Island

Thought I’d post this picture courtesy of Syr Ruus.

Awhile back I was told by the good people at Sagors Bookstore in Bridgewater that several people had identified the mystery house on the cover of my book as being a house out on Mosher’s Island off Nova Scotia’s south shore. Naturally, I’ve been curious about it, knowing that I’d likely never get a chance to check it out for myself.        Thanks Syr!

At the book launch someone asked about the house on the cover and my editor, Caitlin, said it was one they had on file and she didn’t know where it had been taken.

Now someone I know made mention that they thought it was a house that would have been in the community back in the 40”s but of course we know that’s impossible. Right?

Okay, there are some obvious differences between the house in the photo and the one on my book, but then we all know what can be done with graphic design today. So this one’s for you to decide.

Is it the same house? Or it is just someone’s over eager imagination?

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  1. The tree is in the same place. Hmm. That is pretty sneaky. I’m going to guess and say it’s the same house. Neat story, Laura. It’s a real conversation opener.


    • There are similarities although it’s difficult to say. But the folks who identified the home apparently once lived there so that in itself seems interesting.


  2. Hard to say with graphics capability. The chimney is on the back instead of the front as the house on the cover of your book, but graphics could do that easily.


    • Carol Ann, I always felt the chimney didn’t feel quite right, for me it seems too bright red, so I feel as though something has been done to the chimney to make it stand out.


  3. Perhaps it is a house that is like others built that way at the time? Although it does look very similar, it is not identical, even if reversed. Curious, isn’t it?


  4. I’d say it’s not the same one, just similar in style. Unless it has been PhotoShopped there are too many differences… the chimney’s location and the front door’s, the number and size of the windows. It’s certainly a house with character though. Very appealing.


    • If it is the same house it has been photo shopped for sure. Basically, the frame is the same, although the porch is no longer there. I find it interesting the way people can see things and be so positive about them. Me, I’m not sure.


  5. I’ll go in the opposite direction here and say it is the same house. The shape and size is very similar, the way it sits on the land, and the trees to the right back of the house are the same as well.

    My intuition says yes ;).

    Much love,



  6. that’s really neat…there’s something mysterious about houses at times. REally, they are so ordinary, but we love a good story involving houses….brings to mind Birth House…
    it’s all about the imagination.



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