Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend is our Thanksgiving here in Canada. Technically it’s Monday, but many families such as ours will be celebrating on Sunday. I’m hoping the whole family will make it home. 🙂

To everyone out there whether you’re Canadian, American or any other nationality, Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s hoping you will find something to be thankful about not only this weekend but every day.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Laura! Have a nice weekend with your family.


  2. Our Thanksgiving is late in November. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Being thankful is healing to the heart and mind. We should celebrate it more often than once a year. I’ll celebrate it today and again in November. Blessings to you…


  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura. Life is full of good things to be thankful for, and I feel truly blessed.

    We have dog show friends visiting with us and our Lab is entered in shows all weekend. We roasted a turkey yesterday so will enjoy leftovers for quick and easy meals for the rest of the holiday.


  4. We’re having our turkey dinner tomorrow so we can have leftovers on Monday. I love leftovers. Bit chunks of turkey stuck between two yummy pieces of bread smeared with cranberry sauce. A cup of tea and oatmeal cookies for dessert. My mouth is watering.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Laura!


  5. Cathy—I hope you have a great time with your family as well. Don’t forget to save some turkey for Loup!

    Carol Ann—You are right. I think we should make a celebration of being thankful more than once a year. Many of us forget those two little words.

    Carol G—I know you will enjoy your weekend. Good luck at the shows for you and your dogs. 🙂

    Joylene–I agree, left over turkey is delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Hi Laura:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too…we’re off to Jim’s mom’s tomorrow, and then having ours on Monday…



  7. We’re all about family this weekend, too. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  8. Geez…. saw Happy Thanksgiving & figured I must’ve been in a 6 week coma. Ours is in late November.

    So – Happy Thanksgiving.


    • Thanks, Dave. In my neck of the woods we always know when the American Thanksgiving is as many Christmas tree growers need to have their first load of tress delivered around that date. 🙂

      It also means Christmas is very handy.



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