That Was Summer

For some reason the last couple of days have left me longing for summer. Although I do love the fall there just seems to be some hints of summer still here. This poem by Marci Ridlin seems to say it all. Just thought I’d share it with you.

That Was Summer
by Marci Ridlon

Have you ever smelled summer?
Sure you have.
Remember that time
when you were tired of running
or doing nothing much
and you were hot
and you flopped right down on the ground?
Remember how the warm soil smelled
and the grass?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when the storm blew up quick
and you stood under a ledge
and watched the rain till it stopped
and when it stopped
you walked out again to the sidewalk,
the quiet sidewalk?
Remember how the pavement smelled—
all steamy warm and wet
That was summer.

Remember that time
when you were trying to climb
higher in the tree
and you didn’t know how
and your foot was hurting in the fork
but you were holding tight
to the branch?
Remember how the bark smelled then—
all dusty dry, but nice?
That was summer.

If you try very hard
you can remember that time
when you played outside all day
and you came home for dinner
and had to take a bath right away,
right away?
It took you a long time to pull
your shirt over your head.
Do you remember smelling the sunshine?
That was summer.

Goodbye summer…..

It is time to let go…..

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  1. oh Summer! It is always sad for me when it starts to leave, even though right now is the beautiful phase of Autumn. *Sigh* I love Summer, how it smells … how it feels …
    Yes, I remember climbing trees (um, not recently though!) and how it hurt to wedge my foot in the fork between two branches to keep from falling. Exhilarating just the same.
    And I remember just short summers ago a rain shower came up and I challenged our youngest daughter a game of toss in the refreshing rain. So fun! Lots of laughs.
    Yes, that was Summer.


    • I actually love the last days of summer more than the sweltering heat, those evenings when it starts to get cool enough to look for a sweater. Marci’s poem brought back a lot of memories for me and you, by the sounds of it. :)


  2. I am a summertime woman, Laura. When I lived in a cold climate, it was more true than ever. I dreaded winter’s approach and dreamed of its melting into spring. I wished then that summer would last forever. Now in a warmer climate, I easily let it go knowing it will come again next year. What a beautiful poem on summer. His words bring back those childhood memories of summer.


  3. That’s a wonderful poem. I can remember most of those things. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I just let the dog out…it is chilly now! As much as I love the fall, I’m wishing it were a bit warmer still…



  5. It disappeared too quickly this year. Or so it seems. Lovely poem, Laura. Captures the essence of summer nicely.


  6. I’m not a person who enjoys the heat of summertime, but I do like all the things mentioned in this lovely poem. thanks for sharing it, Laura. I think my favourite is the smell of the wet earth after a summer rain. :)


    • I’m with you on the heat part, Carol. Unfortunately we don’t get to choose what aspects of summer of like. Sort of taking the good with the bad.

      Ah yes, the smell of the wet earth. That is wonderful!


  7. I tend to love the so-called gloomy days, white light, no sunshine, clouds and pleasant weather. I have something inside me that doesn’t gel well with anything yellow.. sun, golden and yellow shades.
    Your poem glorifies summer best! I loved it. :)


  8. What a lovely poem! I have updated my blog re Road Trip. I have also added photos for France and Belgium.


  9. I agree, this is a very lovely poem! I cannot say I miss summer though ;) … I love autumn and the crisp air and the gold leaves. Once upon a time I would have missed summer. There is a certain nostalgia that accompanies summer though … I think it’s the retreat of the natural world … the hibernation that strikes uncertainty in some of us and longing for certainty, if that makes any sense.

    Much love to you.



    • I also love autumn, the crispness in the air, the sights and smells of the woods this time of the year. Yet,I did find myself feeling a bit nostalgic about the summer, and this poem, although intended for a young audience, certainly hit home for me.


  10. i made a summer poem of myself it was fun



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