Where do all the really cool writers hang out when they’re in New Ross, Nova Scotia?

So maybe Jan Coates and I are only cool in our own minds, but we did have a pretty good time at Vittles the other afternoon.

I was asked earlier in the day what vittles meant by someone much younger than I. Okay, so I guess I’m just old (I still remember those episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies) or else I’m a red neck— or maybe, just maybe, a bit of both–because yes, I know what vittles means. Please tell me you know what Vittles means..

So what are the top five things that really “cool” writers talk about while at Vittles.

:5: Writing

4: Family

3: The treeing industry (If you’re in New Ross this time of the year, it’s all anyone talks about.)

2:the government, and all the ways they have of annoying writers.

1: A nacho loving squirrel with an affinity for guitar cases. (Sorry Jan, I couldn’t resist!) Dang it wish I had a picture of that squirrel!

I bet you thought that writing would be number one. Actually, it was writing and I’m just being silly. We discussed Jan’s new book, “A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk” as well as my own book, and what’s on the horizon for both of us. (All those things you’d expect writers to talk about.)

Here’s Jan outside Vittles. I promise, I was there too, but someone had to take the picture.

Thanks Jan for a lovely, silly afternoon.

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  1. What a great writerly thing to do! Dine together, of course. I remember what vittles means.


  2. I have this strange feeling. I think it is a twinge of ‘jealousy’. *sigh* But I’m glad you two had a great time at Vittles. 🙂

    And of course I know what vittles means – I remember the Beverly Hillbillies, too. What I didn’t know until I curiously checked for it in my Canadian dictionary is that it is short for victuals. Now, how can I work that word into a story?


  3. Sounds like my kind of place. I’d join you next time if it wasn’t so far away. But I’ll be there in spirit.

    As for vittles… sadly I’m old enough to remember. LOL.


  4. Sounds like a fun afternoon! I used to watch Beverly Hillbillies every afternoon after school (otherwise, I wouldn’t know what “vittles” were either!).



  5. smalltownbiglife

     /  October 28, 2010

    Would so enjoy sharing some vittles at Vittles with you, my writer-blog friend! I am from the south….I so know what vittles are! We live to educate! haha


  6. Jan Coates

     /  October 28, 2010

    After we parted, I baited the trap…hoping a pic of that squirrel is now an impossibility! Don will be first in the door next time we’re at the cottage…


  7. Love the look of that place… tho’ I’m a bit envious. Living on the outskirts of a big city should give me plenty of opportunities for meet-ups, but sadly I haven’t yet encountered anyone to enjoy one with. (Ooh, that’s awful sentence structure!) I even have the perfect location. There’s a “Shake & Shingle” pub on a rural road not far from me… a wonderful log building that serves up great food in a cosy atmosphere.


    • You are forgiven on the sentence structure. I’ve been guilty of that a few times, myself…lol!

      You’ll have to get out there and meet some of your local authors now that you already have the place picked out.


  8. Well, it looks like all my blog readers have dated themselves by knowing what vittles are, but that’s okay. I like having you all visit.

    Y’all come back now— ya hear?


  9. Sounds like a great time! Next time I’m in Nova Scotia, I will check out “Vittles”. (Maybe I’ll even spot you and your writers group!:))


  10. I watched the Beverly Hillbillies, too, but I knew about vittles way before that! My grandfather often used that term.



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