and the winner is…..

Last night was the big awards ceremony, put on by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre in Toronto, where the winners of the Canadian Children’s Literature Awards book were announced.

I just want to say congratulations to all the winners, and special congrats also to Shane Peacock, winner of the Geoffrey Bilson Award for his book Vanishing Girl!!

So I didn’t win, but hey, no one can take away the honour of having Bitter, Sweet short listed for that award. Right? Shane’s a great writer and well deserving of the award. I had the opportunity to read some of his work this summer and he’s good!! You should check his books out if you’re into reading YA fiction.

Thanks to everyone who had their fingers and toes and nose hairs crossed for me. Your well wishes meant the world to me. Maybe next time!

One another note, November is always a hectic time of the year for me. I’ve been trying to visit as many blogs as I can through the evening, but I’m falling behind. I’ve got you in my google reader and eventually I’ll make my way around. There are just so many great blogs out there to follow, and I do try and comment when I have time. Please be patient. I’ll see you around!

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  1. Sorry, Laura…I’m sure you were formidable competition for Mr. Peacock!

    Keep us up-to-date on your next WIP!



  2. You’re a winner in my books, Laura. Next time.


  3. Yes, being short listed is an honor, Laura. Blessings you you…


  4. Laura, you won. You wrote a book. Your book was published. Your book is in its second printing already. Your book was nominated for the Geoffrey Bilson Award before it was a year old!

    Oh my gosh, Laura!
    You ARE a winner! 🙂 No matter how you look at it.

    I wish you continued joy of writing.


  5. I’m sorry Bitter, Sweet didn’t win, but being short listed was a huge achievement anyway.

    I hope work on your next book is going well.


  6. Sorry you didn’t win, but no, no one can take away your listing! You have a published book, that readers love! Yay!!!

    I’m falling behind too, but if you have a few seconds, please come vote in my poll about ebook vs. print.


  7. You are all very sweet, but no need to feel sorry. It’s all good. Honest. 🙂 Time to keep moving ahead.


  8. Laura, I was there that night and cheered like a maniac when they read your name from the list of nominees. An AMAZING accomplishment!


    • Knowing that you were there to cheer for me is quite heartwarming. Thanks so much, Helene. You’ve been wonderful. So glad I was finally able to meet you this year.. 🙂



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