The Christmas List

I love my kids…I know, you’ve all said that one before.

But my kids really are great.. (Yeah, you’ve said that, too)

A few years back, they all chipped in to buy me a laptop computer for writing. Opting not to buy Christmas presents for each other, so that my present would be within their budgets, they used their imaginations and creativity, and made gifts for one another. I think that was one of the best Christmas’ we ever had. Maybe my judgement is cloudy and perhaps they wouldn’t agree with me on that. Who know? Maybe it was one of the best for me because I got a laptop in the bargain. Seriously though, it wasn’t the laptop, it was the lengths that they all went through to get it for me… See what I mean?

Great kids.

Besides being great people, they all have a quirky sense of humour that I adore. They make me laugh and they love making me laugh.

For me, laughter is one of our greatest gifts..

Today I received an email from my son. I had asked him a while back to make a Christmas list to give me some gift suggestion for things he either needs or would like to have.

Well, there’s no point in expecting a dull old Christmas list from Matt Best. No siree… Here’s a bit of his email:

As the festive season inevitably rolls around, you no doubt are asking yourself: “what does one get for the perfect son who has everything?” Well, I’m here to lay those worries to rest. For I have devised a plan to relax your spirits and allow you to enjoy the holidays all the more.
I’m going Atheist, buy me any kind of Christmas gifts and shit will hit the fan, for no one will be received from me.

Gotcha! Actually the plan I have devised is much more unruly and racket worthy than that….

He goes on to say that he’s met a nice Mormon lady, has quit school and is running away to Utah to start a new life. That means you don’t have to buy me any Christmas gifts….

The list, did I say list? I mean meandering letter, continued…

Well perhaps my true plan will be that much less threatening now that I have built you up: I present to you “Operation: Christmas gifts” a.k.a. my Christmas list. Enjoy this honor I have bestowed upon you.” Hmmm, I notice he used the American spelling for honour.

He then lists several gift ideas, but goes on to say that nothing on his list is expected or required….

See what I mean? How do you not laugh at a Christmas list like that?

Is there anything special on your Christmas list this year? What is one of your fondest Christmas memories?

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  1. oh what a great morning laugh you and your son have given me.
    This year will be bab’ys first christmas and he’s just beginning to move around so oh ho will it be tricky (as I watch him slither out the tv room and down the hall!! ). Given that i’m almost positive he’s out last baby it will be most special! Enjoy, Laura!!


  2. Hmmm…kids that don’t require or expect anything for Christmas…where can I get some of those?

    Matt sounds like he has a great sense of humour…glad he changed his mind about moving to Utah! Ha!



  3. duke1959

     /  December 5, 2010

    or grandchildren?


  4. Great article Laura. Our dad taught us that laughter is the greatest gift. Growing up on the farm we often didn’t have much money for Christmas gifts, many were hand made (and very special) but we always had laughter. Your son has a great sense of humour! Enjoy your Christmas with your granddaughter and have lots of laughs.


    • Thanks Darlene. It seems to me that we often relate a “good” Christmas to one where the amount or size of the gifts were not the focal point. A good sense of humour is NEVER a bad thing..:)


  5. What a sweet gesture on the part of your family to present you the laptop you needed. Blessings to you and yours this Christmas…


  6. Your son sounds absolutely adorable, Laura. I bet I know where he got his sense of humour. Thank you for sharing this. It makes me teary because my baby is Montreal and I am in BC. Sons are a special gift. Merry Christmas.


    • They’re all pretty terrific. Of course he’s the baby and still seems to be with his sisters, too.

      That must be horrible being so far away from your kids. I hope i never have to find out what that feels like.


  7. Sounds like me & that Matt kid of yours would hit it off well. Unfortunately we won’t see our boys (or grandkids) again this year. They’re 1000+ miles north.


    • Yeah, I can see where you two would probably play off one another.. 🙂 Sorry your kids are so far away. I can’t imagine Christmas without the gang here.

      Nearly finished reading “Bad Latitude.” I keep picturing you and Deb so clearly as I’m reading this but I haven’t even met you, not really sure what you look like either….Enjoying the comparison though.. 🙂


  8. Angela Wilson

     /  December 6, 2010

    Children sure do make Christmas worthwhile with their laughter and enthusiasm! My Xmas wish is for all children all over the world to experience love, laughter, full bellies and all the basic necessities of life.


  9. Our two youngest girls, who are living in AB and ON, will not be home for Christmas – again. This house feels empty now and getting it decorated seems almost pointless. Although our two oldest girls will show up at some point – one with our son-in-law and grandson – things change over the years.
    I’m sure you will enjoy it all, Laura. 🙂


    • I’m middle daughter is working Christmas day. She lives the handiest at 45 minutes away. She’ll have an early shift and get off at 3:00 Here’s hoping the roads will be good. Mel is hoping to be able to travel down on Christmas day, but we’ve been known to celebrate a day late because of travel plans.. I may have to blog about that story one!


  10. I hope you don’t mind, but I went back to your post and reread your questions at the end, then thought I would respond to the last one. My fondest Christmas memory …
    I don’t know if you could call it my fondest but it is the one that stands apart from all the others.

    It was 1996, the year my sweet mother was dying (cancer). The doctor hinted to us in September that Mum would not be with us at Christmas, so we decided to have a family Christmas in October – at Thanksgiving – just for her. I won’t go into great detail but it was an amazing day. We went all out. Dad had put up the outdoor lights and decorations, and my sister and I decorated the inside of the house. We had a Christmas stocking for Mum, wrapped gifts from the ten of us for her, and our last Christmas gifts from her to us. After our traditional dinner, friends arrived to sing carols and play music – lots of tears were happening. (wow, tears even now just thinking about it all again.) And Mum was so touched (blessed) by the whole day, as were we all.
    There was an article in the local newspaper about our early Christmas with a photo taken earlier that summer of the four of us (Dad, Mum, my sister and me) when Mum was still able to get around in her own strength.
    I must say, none of what we went through that year would have been handled nearly so well if we did not have the Lord to carry us through. And, Mum was still with us December 25, although bed-ridden. With family at her side, she quietly passed into Glory the afternoon of December 30.

    So, my fondest Christmas memory? In ways, I suppose so, but certainly one of my most memorable.


    • This is a very touching story. You all went to great lengths to celebrate Christmas with your mum and that’s really what the Christmas spirit is all about. It shouldn’t matter if we celebrate on Dec. 25 or some other time. Thank you SO much for sharing this, Lynn.


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