Thirty years ago today I awoke to the news that John Lennon had been shot. It was literally the first thing I heard when the clock radio went off that morning. It’s something I’ll never forget.

It has always amazed me, this thought that life goes on while we sleep, that people are born, get sick, and even die, without the rest of us knowing until the next day dawns, how the world continues without us being aware. How can that be? That we can sleep and dream while other people are in the midst of some devastating event. That a man could be gunned down– a man who stood for peace.

Thirty years ago today, my first daughter was born. Another brand-new life into the world. Tiny arms and tiny legs, a thick mass of dark hair, eyes clinched tightly as she came screaming into the world. How could the time have passed by so quickly?

Thirty years ago today when I awoke to the news that John Lennon had been shot, my world stopped for a fraction of a moment then continued on. It had to.

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  1. duke1959

     /  December 9, 2010

    You are right. Life does go on. With Elizabeth Edwards dying of cancer which is a tragic event to all that admired her. The reality is that she recieved the best medical care that this country has to offer. The really sad part is that for the vast majority they never recieve those same benefits.


  2. Life is a mystery for sure. One moment in time may change the face of history forever. These incredible moments pass by in our lives sometimes unnoticed, sometimes cherished. Blessings to you…


  3. It’s interesting that I can’t remember where I was when I heard the news about Lennon’s murder…it was definitely “a shot heard around the world.”

    Happy Birthday to your daughter…30 is a special one!



  4. That’s why, against my mother’s wishes, I raised my sons to know that life isn’t always fair and that it’s more important to find peace than it is to find happiness.

    Great post, Laura. I remember the day clearly. I can remember scolding myself for crying. But he was a part of my youth. He helped to define my generation. His death left a hole in my life. Of course, I cried.


  5. Thank you all for commenting on this post.

    Duke–There are many sad moment in our lives and the lives of others, yet we can not stop and wallow in this sadness for too long.

    Wendy— I’m almost certain that the birth pf my daughter had something to do with me remembering where I was when I heard the news. I didn’t think about it the rest of the day. I was just too busy.

    Carol Ann–Life is definitely a mystery.

    Joylene—Oh so true. I’d like to think that finding peace in our lives will eventually lead us to that happiness.


  6. duke1959

     /  December 9, 2010

    you are right. I just posted something that you might like.


  7. This is beautifully written, Laura!

    I remember hearing the news, but have to admit I have no idea where I was at the time. (I wasn’t a big Beatles fan in those days.) So many who have, or could have, made significant contributions… like JF Kennedy and Martin Luther King… have lost their lives for causes they believed in. Then again, our military continue to do that. Peace is so elusive.


    • Thanks so much, Carol! I remember some older friends who were big fans of the Beatles, but truly, I was a bit young when they first came on the scene. When people die such tragic deaths it makes us wonder why. I sometimes wonder if their message isn’t made more powerful by their death, though. There are so many things in life we don’t know the answer to.


  8. P.S. Happy Birthday to your daughter!



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