Plants for Atlantic Gardens

My dreams are filled with lavender, hydrangea and magnolia, bright colours and sweet fragrance, but can I, I wonder, turn my dreams into reality?

Plants For Atlantic Gardens is a brand-new book out from Nimbus Publishing, written by gardening guru, Jodi Delong.

If you’re looking for the perfect gardening book, for either yourself or the gardener in your life, this book is it. Not only is it filled with beautiful colour photos (200 to be exact), but there is plenty of information for overcoming the challenges of gardening in the Atlantic area. (If you live on the east coast you all know what I mean about challenges.) The book highlights 100 of the best species for planting in Atlantic Canada and includes a hardiness zone and helpful tips on a variety of gardening topics.

Earlier today, a friend and I were literally gushing over this book. Isn’t that right, Torry? It really has to be seen to be fully appreciated. This book is not only for all the Atlantic Canadian Gardeners out there but for those of us who one day plan to make our dream garden a reality. (That means me too!)

You all know Jodi, sure you do! Jodi is the gardening editor for Saltscapes Magazine and she writes gardening columns for the Sunday Herald and The Atlantic Co-operator. Check out her BLOG for beautiful photos and information on all sorts of flowering plants and shrubs. Jodi was inspired to create this photo of herself when she got to see one of the rarest of native wildflowers, the plymouth gentian, growing down in Yarmouth county. She mentioned that it was one of the highlights of her life and so she created a double exposure in Picasa. The following quote, which I absolutely love, expresses Jodi’s thoughts about the photo.
“It makes the plant more important than me, and that’s how I feel about what I do–if it encourages others to garden, to protect pollinators, to beautify the world around me, I’m happy.”

Now there’s a lady who loves her plants.

You can order your very own copy at or And you know there will be plenty of copies in the local bookstores.

Before I forget to mention it, book launches for Plants for Atlantic Gardens will be on Saturday February 26th, 2:00-4:00 pm at The Telegraph Tea Room, Melvern Square, in the Annapolis Valley, and the Woodlawn Public Library in Dartmouth on March 10th at A whole list of signing dates can be found here on Jodi’s blog.

Congratulations, Jodi, on the publication of this lovely, lovely book!

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  1. For Heaven’s sake, Laura! Is there nothing you do that relates to writing that you don’t do well? 😉 This is a great review and whoever said that you can’t write a book review was not accurate. oh wait! that was you! well, correct that line of thought .. you write very good book reviews. Now I HAVE to buy this beautiful book, too! 🙂 My husband really enjoys gardening books so we will be looking for this one.

    Thanks, Laura, and Congratulations, Jodi!


  2. Thank so much for this, Laura (and Lynn, thank you for the congratulations). You did a wonderful job writing about this, as you do everything you turn your creative soul to. I’m looking forward to seeing you in just a couple short weeks. (panic! panic!)


    • Jodi, just glad to do my part, also more than happy to tell others about this great gardening book. It’s the least I can do. I’m SO hoping the weather cooperates that day. It will be nice to finally meet you.


    • Jodi, my husband and I hope to meet you at Box of Delights in Wolfville on March 5. We’ll be the ones with two of your books. 🙂 See you there.


  3. Torry

     /  February 15, 2011

    Great review Laura… and yes I can’t wait to get MY own copy of the book!! It will make great spring birthday present also!!


  4. It looks like a gorgeous book, Laura…if you’re serious about having a garden, one of our local NB seed companies just moved over to Granville Ferry last fall…I buy all my seeds from them:



    • It is gorgeous, Wendy! We have some shrugs and such at the moment, and years ago I had a flower garden but I do plan getting back ito gardening. Right now we grow vegetables but I want flowers!


  5. Thanks for the heads-up, Laura. I had visited Jodi’s blog a while ago, but didn’t see the book launch at the libary in Dartmouth. I’m going to mark that date on my calendar.


  6. This is a book I need badly. Thanks for sharing the great news, Laura. Jodi’s book is on my list.


  7. Great review, Laura. I wish Jodi would write a similar book for the west coast! I could use a good comprehensive one. I have a shelf of gardening books, too many of them devoted to only one specific aspect of the job.

    Now that February is half done I’m getting antsy to be back into the garden. It needs lots of cleaning up but most days it’s still too chilly.
    C’mon spring!!!



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