Popping In

I’m in here quickly this evening to let you know that author, Dave Ebright, a.k.a. Jaxpop, will be here on Friday to do a guest post on my blog. I know you’ll all drop in and help make Dave feel welcome because the readers of this blog are totally awesome and supportive. Dave’s going to tell us how someone who had never thought of writing before ended up writing YA fiction, about his first two books, and just what he has planned for the future. You won’t want to miss what Dave has to say.

While you’re here, I’ll post this really cool photo of a spider’s web I snapped the other day and a lovely quote by Virginia Woolf about fiction and spider webs.

“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Often the attachment is scarcely perceptible.”~~Virginia Woolf

Enjoy the rest of the week. See you on Friday.

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  1. Great shot of the spider web, and I like the quote to go with it. See you Friday!


  2. I’ll definitely stop by while Dave’s here. And your photograph is outstanding. And this is from someone who’s terrified of spiders.


  3. Really great picture Laura!


  4. Excellent shot of the spider web! I did a post last fall on them because we kept seeing them everywhere while we hiked…not seeing many now, must be a seasonal thing!



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