Six Life Truths

Some days you need a reason to smile while other days life presents you with nothing but silliness, and you know what? As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with a bit of silliness now and again.

So because it’s Friday, and because I’m tired and feeling very silly, and because a friend had this in her facebook status, and because this photo also made me giggle, and because I have a blog and can post silly things if I want to, I present to you:

6 Life Truths:
1) You can’t stick your tongue out & look up at the same time, it’s a physical impossibility.
2) All idiots after reading number 1, tried it.
3) You discover number 1 is a lie.
4) You are smiling now because you are an idiot.
5) You will soon copy & paste this to catch other idiots.
6) There is still a stupid smile on your face. I sincerely apologize, but I’m an idiot and I need company 😛

I hope you’re tired and silly enough to appreciate this as much as I did…. Oh and of course, I did stick my tongue out..Did you?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Torry

     /  August 5, 2011

    Very funny, very funny!


  2. Of course I tried it. lol I was feeling pretty proud of myself too for a second there…


  3. If you ever need a reason to “smile” …well…you know…


  4. I read that line “You can’t stick your tongue out & look up at the same time, it’s a physical impossibility” & thought …. that’s BS!!! Then I realized this was posted on Laura Best’s world famous blog & changed it to … THAT’s B,S.

    See – I do employ subtle humor at times.


  5. LOL



  6. not only did I try it, I was caught doing it.


  7. I’m going to do this to my students on the first day of school. Lol! 🙂


  8. Of course, I did!


  9. oooh fun! I definitely tried it. I think people tend to do the reverse of what you tell them they cannot do. that’s why this joke works. thanks for the chuckle. I feel a bit lighter by this. thank you!


    • Glad this tickled you, Lissa. Even though my mind said it was silly I had to prove it wrong..I’m such a push over…



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