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You can catch me over at a Hopeful Sign today. I’m blogging about the need for a writer to view their characters and their story without being judgmental.

Come on over and say hi. You’ll even see the photo I took of the Supermoon back in March.

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  1. Your post conjured up wonderful memories of my mum singing to us. She performed during the war with her 2 sisters and so listening to her sing was especially gratifying. I also love watching the moon. Took a pic of it last night streaking across the water out front. As if it was laying a path from our front door out to the middle. Temping. Yes, there is something magical and mysterious about our fixation on light, moonlight, sunshine, Christmas tree lights, northern lights. Oh, lest I forget the light shining in my cat’s eyes when she looks at me with so much love.

    Lovely guest blog, Laura. Thanks.


  2. Thanks for reading, Joylene. I’m still taking shots of the moon, wishing I had a bigger zoom on my camera. I love moonlight on water. So glad we also live by a lake.


  3. fivecats

     /  August 14, 2011

    Taking shots of the moon, this summer, has become a bit of a pastime (sp?) for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lake or a pond to help out. Regarding your guest blog post for the author to be not too judgmental of their characters is quite true. If an author is judgmental of their fictional characters, it’s probably a story I wouldn’t want to read.


  4. I love taking photos of the moon. Saturday’s full moon was supposed to be an optical illusion and looking larger than normal. I took some shots where I could actually see the craters which I’ve never been able to do with my camera before. Thanks for reading my post over at a hopeful sign. As writers I think we do have to give our characters the freedom to be who they are. Much more interesting that way.. 🙂



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