Everyone Loves Free Stuff

If you don’t love winning free stuff than well, I guess you don’t love winning free stuff. Maybe you think you’re one of those unlucky people who never win a thing. That’s usually what I’m quick to say. But last year I entered several contests to win free books simply by leaving a comment on a blog and guess what? I won about seven or eight free books. Not too snotty considering I didn’t enter THAT many contests.

Now it’s your turn. Linda Cassidy Lewis is giving away an autographed print copy of her book The Brevity of Roses. That’s right, more free stuff! My little heart is thumping, not only at that word free, but book, as well. Yours should be too. Now a chance to win is pretty darn simple, just hop on over to Linda’s blog, “Out of my Mind,” leave a comment and voila, Linda will enter you in the draw. Read the details of her contest because there are ways to have your name entered more than once.  Now I have to warn you, I already have a copy of Linda’s book but it’s not a signed copy, so of course I’ve entered. Why not, right? Then again you have just as good a chance to win this as me.You have until January 26th to enter, but why wait for that last minute? So are you still reading this or are ya heading on over to Linda’s and typing in that comment?

Come on….I’ll meet you over there.

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  1. Thank you, Laura. And I’ve had several visitors from Canada this morning since you posted this. 🙂


    • You’re most welcome, Linda. I love helping to spread good news and hopefully let a few more know about your book. We’re all in this together. 🙂


  2. Laura, I have won eight books in the last five months. Love it and enjoy the reads. I’ll take a hike over there and see what Linda has to offer 🙂


    • I love winning book, too. I seem to be pretty good at it. Now if only I could win the lottery, I’d have money enough to buy all the book I want… 😉


  3. I love free books too! I’m off to enter, just wanted to add that I’m still in New Brunswick and loving the weather. It’s been -27 and worse back home since I arrived. Your province is a beautiful place, Laura, and I’d live here in a second.


    • I agree, Joylene, nothing like free books. I actually live in Nova Scotia, Joylene, but have family in New Brunswick. The provinces are quite similar, however. I’m hoping to see more of New Brunswick next year when we visit. 🙂



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