Oak Island Revenge

Today we were city bound. A bit of a birthday celebration for our son, and to attend the book launch for Oak Island Revenge. The book was written by author, Cynthia D’Entremont, and is a mystery set on, you guess it, Oak Island. For anyone reading this who hasn’t heard of Oak Island it’s a tiny island quite literally a hop, skip and a jump off  mainland Nova Scotia. There’s reported to be pirate treasure buried there. People have been digging for this treasure for hundreds of years.

Cynthia was introduced to the crowd by children’s book editor, Penelope Jackson. For any hopeful writers out there submitting to Nimbus this is the lady you need to impress.

The launch was held at Indigospirit, Sunnyside Mall in Bedford. Here’s Cynthia reading from her book. Well, actually she was working up to the reading. She shines in front of an audience.

One never knows who they’ll run into at a launch. Here are three more authors, Daphne Greer (left) JoAnn Yhard(centre) and Lisa Harrington (right.)They belong to the same writing group as Cynthia.

Best of luck, Cyndy, with your new book. I can hardly wait to dive in and start reading.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Laura.


  2. My first impression… everyone looks so happy and pretty. You can almost feel spring in the air. Congratulations to your friends, Laura. It’s nice that you can share in their happiness. Oh, Happy Mother’s Day.


  3. A good time was had by all, Joylene! It is always nice to share in someone’s success. We’re all in this journey together.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!


  4. Wonderful pictures, Laura. I agree; everyone looks lovely and happy.

    I heard about this book about a week ago but couldn’t get to the launch because of another commitment. I’ve always been intrigued by Oak Island. When I learnt Captain Kidd’s rock was just around the corner from our camp, I had to go. I couldn’t believe I had passed it for decades and never knew it was there. Now, I have wonderful pictures of it. I’ve even been to Oak Island and took the tour. It’s a fascinating mystery which I hope is solved in my life time. Fingers crossed.

    I certainly will get this book in the future. It sounds like a keeper.


    • We took the tour last year. It is quite the mystery, I agree. I haven’t read the book yet, even though my Goodreads account says I have. Dial-up is such great fun by time!



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