Sea Beyond

Imagine my surprise at finding this tree carving on a drive through Chester, Nova Scotia. It was in front of the post office, a tree that obviously needed to be removed, yet ended up being a wonderful wood carving by Adam Connolly and The Second Life For Trees program.  I did a little snooping on the Internet and discovered that this program “comes from Adam Connolly’s vision of providing historical trees with a second life.” I thought wow! What a great idea. Rather than cutting down these historic trees they’re turned into works of art. You can check out Adam’s site and learn more about the program Here..

I’m continually awed by the many talented people in our area, and not just those with talent but those who have a vision. I’ve often grieved the sight of century old trees being removed. This is a wonderful alternative.

Lots of creatures from the sea in this sculture. It took quite awhile to take it all in. I love the wood grains.

I can’t begin to imagine the hours of planning and work that went into this. Can you?

So many different angles and shots to get. My camera really doesn’t do the sculpture justice.

The star fish is my favourite, although they’re all pretty amazing.

Have you come across any similiar sculptures that turn an existing part of nature into something beautiful and lasting?

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  1. Wow. Incredible art work. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many of the tree skulptures in Truro, but I haven’t seen this one in Chester. It is amazing work. I interviewed a man a few years ago for Saltscape who carved with a chain saw. He was from the Port Royal area. I still have a staff he had created and gave me. It has an old man’s face carved into it.

    Thanks for sharing, Laura.


    • I haven’t seen the Truro sculptures up close, but drove past one day. Hoping toget a closer look one day.

      Some chainsaw carvings are pretty neat, too. Kind of interested in that since I come from a long line of chainsaw operators. 🙂


  2. Awesome! Wood carving talent amazes me…I love how these artists can imagine and bring it into existence.


    • Absolutely, Susan!

      It was difficult to show all the carvings on the tree. There was just too many of them. I thought it was wonderful!


  3. Libby Noseworthy-Boss

     /  September 20, 2012

    I now have a great excuse to take that beautiful shore drive to Chester and see this in person. You’ve included some great photos.. and thank-you as well for the link. He certainly has vision to be able to bring these dead trees back to life like that. ..Just gorgeous!


    • Hi Libby! I saw you one day leaving a store in B’water. Too far away to cry out a Hi!
      Glad you enjoyed the photos and I do hope you get a chance to see this tree sculpture. I’m constantly amazed by all the marvelous little things out there in our beautiful province.


  4. Beautiful! 🙂


  5. Laura, I’ve been enjoying the photos of your tree carvings on Facebook. Incredible art !! Thanks and keep them coming 🙂



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