Slow and Steady

I’ve been busy these past two weeks working from home. I’m usually torn between enjoying the luxury of being able to work at home and disciplining myself to work at a steady pace without distractions. It’s not always easy. The truth is sometimes I like distractions, sometimes I hate them, depending upon the particular distraction. I’m fickle, I suppose, but I can be whatever I want. Right?

The good news is, I’ve been steadily increasing my word count on the novel I’m writing without letting it interfere with my “other work.” Yay me! Mind you, some days I’m not making any huge big strides but a few hundred words here and there add up over time. Sometimes it’s a matter of stealing a few moments in the early morning. I like waking early. I seem to accomplish so much more when I do.

I’m not really a slow and steady person by nature. I’m more of a jump-in-there-get- going-get-done kind of person, but I think this pace has been good for me. We don’t always need to do things the same way every time. That’s how we get stuck in ruts. I don’t like ruts either. They’re sneaky. You fall into them gradually over time and before you know it you’re living in that rut without a clue that you’re even in one. You’ve got your head in the clouds and you’re belting out Abba tunes. La..La…La…

Human behaviour is strange sometimes. I’m always amazed at how quickly I can see these things in others but not myself. To see them in myself I have to look mighty close, maybe even admit a thing or two I don’t necessarily want to. It’s all part of being human. No sense beating ourselves up over it, just make a commitment to do better the next time.

So here’s where I am at the moment. My usually Monday and Thursday posts didn’t happen last week, and likely they won’t for the next month. My goal it to blog whenever I can. Hopefully, the month of December will find me back into my routine.

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  1. It’s tough sometimes to accept that our writing lives don’t always follow a strict pattern and that we need to adapt and change to get the work done. I’m struggling now, but have hope that the work will finally come. I’m not quite at the “Dancing Queen” stage, so I guess I’m on the right track. 🙂


    • It always seems that our writing time, as important as it is to us, often gets pushed aside for other things. Sad.

      Dancing Queen’s a great song, but I’m glad you’re on the right track, Heather! 🙂


  2. Sounds like you make steady progress. Good for you, Laura. Blessings..


  3. I’ve been looking at myself closely lately and it’s making me laugh. I’m turning into an old fuddle-duh like my mother. I remembered getting so annoyed when she was like that. I work at home. Sometimes I need to get up and stretch and just pace a bit, or go to the washroom. We have our son staying with us right now, consequently, 3x today i did get up, then came back to find him on my computer checking his FB page. Grrr. Okay, so he’s bored. Mum & Dad live out at the lake and there’s nothing to do, blah blah. Yes, I said, hey bud, outa my seat, and his reply was, “Yes,yes, in just … a … sec…” The last time the sec turned out to be 35 mintues. Grrr.

    LOL, I so love reading about your adventures, Laura. Your wonderful personality shines. through.


    • I’m always amazed at how an email check can turn into a 35 minute ordeal. I guess our kids get far more interesting emails than we do. 😉


  4. Some of those Abba tunes will get one up and moving–a burst of energy.


  5. The tortoise proved slow and steady is the winningest way, so I think you’re on the right track. If it means you blog a little less, that’s apparently the necessary price.

    Too often I *stutter* along, in fits and starts. Sometimes agonizingly few words make it onto the page and other times I’m tearing along on roller skates. I’m hoping my NaNoWriMo efforts will keep my forward momentum going through the winter.


    • Carol, I’ve honestly been a little amazed at how disciplined I’ve been so far with this particular project. I’ve been making steady progress and that pleases me. It’s not always easy to write each and every day, but I;ve been accomplishing it .My words are all adding up into the thousands! 🙂



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