Busy, Busy Beaver

On the property across from ours, the beavers have been extremely busy as you can see from the photo. It’s rather amazing to know that these small creatures aren’t afraid to tackle something so large. This urge to chop down trees is something that comes natural to them. Funny, how they don’t shy away from such a big undertaking. We see plenty of evidence of the beaver’s work, but we’ve never caught them in the act. I think much of their work is done at night.


Writing a novel is also a big undertaking. One that writers enter into willingly, regardless of the work involved. Rarely can an author say they whipped a novel up in a matter of a few weeks or months…(Yes, I know, some can, but many can’t.) For many authors it may take many months, maybe even years until their book is ready to be read by an editor. But once a book has been accepted for publication it doesn’t mean a writer can sit back and wait for those royalties to start rolling in. For those not involved in the industry, it’s difficult to understand what takes so long for a book to come out. I hear from people all the time, anxiously wondering why, if I’m working on edits for the book now, it isn’t coming out until next fall.

The whole idea behind the edits is to help make that story shine as much as possible. A writer often becomes immune to seeing the flaws in our stories and it takes another set of eyes to point out the imperfections and make suggestions as to how the story can be improved. We all want that book to be the best it can be, right?


So this is where I am at the moment. No, I don’t mean I’m cutting down trees….The edits are going well and I’m pleased with how the story is evolving even further. It’s always exciting to discover something new in your work, something you overlooked while you were getting the story down the first time around. Did I say the first time? I guess I should say the first several drafts.

Christmas might be creeping up on me, but I’m very hopeful that I’ll have the manuscript sent back before then. What is it about Christmas that makes us want to accomplish certain goals? I can remember, as a child, that rooms were painted before Christmas or new flooring laid.—always before Christmas, regardless of how close to the big day that it happened. So long as it was done by then everyone was happy. Anyway, I’ll use Christmas as a deadline to have this round of edits completed. I’m pretty sure that I won’t get a whole lot of writing done once a certain little someone arrives anyway.

How about you, is there anything you’d like to accomplish before Christmas comes?

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  1. I can’t remember why exactly but Dec 13th is apparently a turning point, a time when one should make a resolution. I think what you’re aiming to do is wonderful and totally understanding. Once the book is out, it will live forever. How very kewl is that!

    We have lots of beavers on our lake. The little buggers have chopped down a few of my trees. The little buggers!


    • We also live on a lake, Joylene, and some years we’ve been bothered with beavers cutting down out trees. Now they’ve moved across the road.

      Book deadline are worth the effort. As you say, that book will live on forever. I’m getting very excited now. It finally feels like it’s going to happen. 🙂


  2. I wish you every success in meeting your deadline, Laura! My goal is to get a non-fiction book proposal to an editor early next week because her goal is to read it before Christmas. No beavers here. Just squirrels who have moved into our shed and are happily chewing everything in sight. Yikes!


    • Thanks, Heather! I thought of you as I was writing this post. As you probably remember, I’m not often one for making lists and setting goals. I do,however, feel the need to set some goals.> In fact, it feels quite necessary in this case. 🙂


  3. Ah, Laura. I’ve accomplished just that. I’ve finished my beaver hut … the edits on my last draft that I am sending to a BETA reader. How delightful that I finished it this day in time for a good Holiday break 🙂


  4. Life has been a little rough lately and therefore I had to take a break from editing my novel. I’m hoping to get at least a little editing done before the big day arrives. 🙂


  5. pattisj

     /  December 17, 2012

    I hope to have my Christmas cards sent before then, and sewing for some special girls’ dolls…I’m running out of time quickly, aren’t I?



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