Book Launch Hangover

I’ve been suffering for a few days from a hangover–a book launch hangover, that is. This entire week has been like a whirlwind for so many reasons, not all of them book launch related. Still, it’s been difficult to get my head back where it needs to be. That’s the problem with a hangover–or so I’m told–the brain takes awhile to kick into gear. The launch went wonderfully last Sunday, and the weather couldn’t have been any nicer. For me, it was as much about my book as it was a community of friends and family all coming together as one. Pretty cool. While there was a lot of photo taking that day, I didn’t have a lot of my own to share. My camera was kind of on the wrong setting, but ah well. I’ll still share a few of the better ones. You’ll find them under the “Flying With a Broken Wing” tab HERE. Already people have read the book and so far most of them seem to like it. It’s not easy putting your work out there to be scrutinized by others. Some have asked if a sequel is coming , and that’s never a bad thing for a writer to hear. Cammie’s story is far from over, people. Let’s hope it doesn’t take me another two or three years to write it.  🙂 So for now the hoopla is over. I couldn’t have asked for a better book launch. I received flowers, cards, chocolate, and at least one hundred hugs. I’m still smiling. What does the future hold for this little book of mine? Hopefully, those who read it will enjoy it. That’s all a writer can ask for.

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  1. 1959duke

     /  October 5, 2013

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  2. The pictures are great. Wish I could have been there. Book launches are fun and it is always so great to see so many friends. I attended a book launch today. The author was 8 years old and so proud of her published book. I will blog about her soon.


    • I can’t imagine, an 8 year old author. How great is that! Book launches are fun, stressful but fun. I had a great time.



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