Old-Fashioned Valentines

A friend recently lent me her album of old cards— some from the beginning of the last century—that had belonged to her grandmother. I’m in the process of scanning them into my computer.  You know how people make the comment about how they “just don’t make things the way they used to?” This certainly applies to greeting cards. These ones are actually what we would call postcards. They certainly have a cool factor about them, not only that,  some of the post marks are from  “The Dale Post Office.”  Hey, that’s where I live.!  Not sure if I mentioned the fact that one of the rooms in the house I now live in was home to the Dale Post Office. Not only that, it’s  the  same Dale Post Office  I mentioned  in my book, Bitter, Sweet .  Doubly cool!

So in honour of Valentine’s Day soon approaching, and the fact that I just scanned these last evening, I thought I’d share these old-fashioned Valentines with you.




Valentine 3

The images and colours just make my little heart flutter.  There are Easter Cards in the collection as well as Christmas and St. Patricks Day. I’ll share them with you from time to time on my blog. Can you imagine saving cards for over a century?


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  1. They’re so pretty! My MIL has a few similar to those.


  2. These are precious! Thanks for sharing and making me smile and “aweh!”


  3. I love these old cards. They are just delightful. I think it is so great that people save things like this. So cool they are postmarked from a post office dear to you. They were meant to pass into your hands.


  4. Pam

     /  February 9, 2014

    So pretty!


  5. Reblogged this on Diane Tibert and commented:
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful Valentines, Laura.


  6. Thanks for sharing these wonderful old Valentines, Laura.



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