Dare to Dream Big

I’ve been thinking a lot about the main character, Cammie Turple, from Flying with a Broken Wing and, my new book, Cammie Takes Flight and how even though the circumstances of her life were less than desirable it didn’t stop her from dreaming of a better life for herself. In some ways she’s kind of my hero and probably has more nerve than I would have had at that age or maybe any age. Mostly, I like the way she never used her circumstances, her visual impairment, or her less than desirable homelife, as an excuse for staying stuck in the life she was familiar with. Let’s be honest, it’s sometimes easy not to stretch our wings too far. We settle into the familiar because it’s easier and doesn’t require anything too strenuous from us. Reaching into that great unknown can be scary as a friend of mine often reminds me. It’s good to have friends like that who don’t let you off the hook too easily.

I sometimes think we underestimate the importance of dreams. When we were kids we were made to believe that daydreaming was a frivolous thing, perhaps something only lazy people did. And I think what a shame that is to instill that kind of thinking into a child. Luckily, things are different today and I think people have started to realize that there’s nothing wrong in having a dream or dreams and certainly nothing holding us back from realizing those dreams except maybe ourselves.

Dreams make life interesting; they fill us with purpose and hope. The best part about dreams is that it doesn’t matter how big you dream. In fact, I figure, if you’re dreaming, why not dare to dream big. I mean, what’s the point in conjuring small measly dreams when we have an imagination that holds no limits.

And so there are times when I allow myself to dream big, very big. Do I share those dreams with others? Nope. No need to. I hold them close to my heart as I imagine how it would feel to have those dreams turn to reality. Sure beats the heck out of thinking crappy, negative thoughts and feeling the emotions that goes along with that. Maybe that makes me a Pollyanna, I’m not sure I care, and I’m sure there are some who would think my dreams are unrealistic, but someone has to make it onto the New York Times Bestseller List, right? (No, I didn’t say that was one of my dreams but come to think of it, what not?)

As the release date for my new book gets closer I expect I’ll have plenty to add onto my list of dreams, and as Cammie prepares to take flight so shall I.

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  1. As a firm believer in dreams, I love this post. That is why I fell in love with your main character, she doesn’t stop dreaming in spite of everything. I did a lot of daydreaming as a child and yes, I got in trouble sometimes but I didn’t stop and I’m glad I kept daydreaming. Still do!! May all your dreams come true, Laura.


    • Thanks, Darlene. What I love about dreams are that they can be as wild and fantastic as we want. Here’s wishing all your dreams become reality as well. 🙂

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  2. Well said Laura!
    When we stop dreaming, we stop living. Thanks for the reminder!
    All the best for your book launch! We’re all here waiting to cheer.
    Hugs, the Other Laura


    • Thanks, Laura! I’ve seen people far too many times give up on their dreams, and while some thing may not be in the cards for us there are always new things to dream about. I know you’re dreaming of boating season and that’s coming right up. I hope you have a grand season.


  3. Thank you. I needed that. Dream on!


  4. Judi

     /  April 2, 2017

    I daydream a lot. Mostly about things that I shall never have, but it’s still wonderful to dream about them anyway. One dream came true, I did get the “man” of my dreams..Thanks, for keeping to remind me how lucky I am. xoxo


    • Never say never. Dreams , even the impossible ones, sometimes come true. Yes, Lee is your dream come true. You’re a lucky gal, and he’s pretty lucky, too. ❤


  5. Ericka

     /  April 2, 2017

    Wrote so beautifully that I had to share your blog on my fb. Takes me back to our school days and dreams! Thank you Laura!



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