Spring, Writing and Book Launch Photos

Time has certainly been flying by this winter or I should say spring? I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last wrote a blog post. Here we are near the end of March. While the last time I wrote about how warm and unwinter-like the weather for February was, as we get closer to spring, winter decided to remind us that we needn’t start looking for crocuses and daffodils just yet. But that’s life, isn’t it? Just when we start feeling comfortable about the state of things, thinking maybe we have it all figured out, the rules change on us. In a way, it’s for our own good. I believe we all need for life to challenge us from time to time otherwise we stop growing and expanding as human beings, learning new things and having new experiences. A.K.A BORING.

I’ve been busy juggling a few stories these past few months, carrying on a love/hate relationship with them. I guess it’s why I juggle in the first place. As soon as I start hating one story, I switch to the other. Sometimes one of the stories will stick in my head and follow me around, sometimes even haunting my dreams or else coming to me late at night. The stories are so different from one another and maybe that’s a good thing. Writing is finding that balance and not sinking into a rut. So, I’ll keep juggling so long as these two stories dictate. Seems it’s rarely the writer who’s in charge of the story anyway.

I finally got around to posting some launch photos. You’ll find them HERE but also under the Cammie Takes Flight tab. There were so many photos taken  that day, I couldn’t possible post them all. I just picked out a few. Maybe you’ll see yourself in some of them.

Easter is in a few days, and although we have plenty of snow here in East Dalhousie, it’s melting away quickly. Today was absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully, it won’t be too many weeks before we see those crocuses and daffodils.

Happy Easter! Oh, and a shout-out to my friend, Gail, whose birthday is today. I’ve been calling but the line’s been busy. Hope you’re reading this and are having a stupendous day!

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  1. That was another fun event, Laura. I was privileged to sit with Syr Ruus again, as we both enjoyed your reading. You are such a talented writer.


    • i noticed that you were sitting with Syr. I was so pleased that you were able to make it and thank you for being SO sweet.


  2. I’ve been out of the loop a bit. I’ll have to pick up a copy at Chapters when I’m in Dartmouth. I received a Chapters gift card last October for my birthday, and I wondered what special book I’d buy with it. Now I know.

    Spring is here with daffodils and tulips breaking the soil surface. It’s nice to feel that sunshine again.


    • Chapters gift cards are the best. I have a few I’ve been holding onto as well. I’ve missed you around blogland. I find it increasingly more difficult to visit other blogs with my connection issues. Hoping this will soon change after the announcement the gov’t made the other week. At least I can daydream about it.

      Here in E Dalhousie we still have lots of snow, nothing breaking through the snow/soil yet. 😦 Oh well, spring will soon arrive here as well.


      • Fingers crossed that your Internet will be upgraded soon. Sites are getting so large, it’s impossible to download them properly. I well recall my dial-up days. We’ve been high speed for about five years now. Almost all the snow is gone here. It certainly feels like spring.

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  3. How time flies! Great pictures! Great book!



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