Another Blast of Winter in Spring

Winter just doesn’t seem to want to go away this year. Here in East Dalhousie we were blessed with about 10 cm of snow last night. Some of it melted during the afternoon, and the eaves are still dripping. That said, we’ve been told to expect another 15 cm overnight. I’m not sure what will happen to the tulips in our garden that suddenly burst through the ground late last week, but I’m hoping they’ re hardy enough to survive this next blast of winter weather this spring. But this is not unusual for spring, nor is our complaints that winter just doesn’t want to give up. Still, with each warm day we’re granted, hope stirs inside us. That’s the one thing about hope. It seems no matter how many times we’re disappointed with the outcome of something, we remain hopeful that next time the results we’re looking for will finally show up.

It’s like that when writing a book. Most times it takes several attempts before I end up with the results I want. Some authors write many drafts before they declare the story completed. I tend to edit and revise as I go along, and often never get a first draft completely written out so I have no idea how many drafts I go through. Back when I was writing Flying with a Broken Wing I became dissatisfied with the story and even stopped working on it, so sure I was that it was never going to amount to anything, let alone anything publishable. So I took a break from it and went back to it many months later filled with new hope that this time I was going to make it to the end. And I did!

I actually started the book I’m working on now about the same time that I started Cammie Takes Flight, and while Cammie’s been a book now for nearly a year, that other book is still waiting for me. I don’t expect I’ll ever be a fast writer. Many times I feel as though the story is struggling to find me. Sometimes there’s a lot of static in the way. But when the lines finally become clear, sentences and paragraphs begin to fall into place. That’s when I know for sure the story I’m working on will not get abandoned along the wayside.

And while I’m hopeful that spring will soon be here to stay, there is definitely no guarantee. Just as there is no guarantee that the story I’m presently working on will make it into book form. Still, amidst the struggles and frustration, I try to remain hopeful. It may not always be possible. I sometimes fall into a rut and become discouraged even with three published books and over forty published short stories. I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in this. We all become discouraged from time to time. But it’s our ability to pick ourselves up time and time again, to find that small bit of hope and run with it as fast as we can, that is responsible for all the accomplishments we achieve in life.

I’ll leave you with this quote that I find particularly inspiring. Maybe you will, too.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  1. Judi

     /  April 7, 2018

    Hope is a strange word. You say I hope this or I hope that, but sometimes I never see hope. There are all kinds of things going through my head right now. But unlike you I can’t express them so anyone knows what I mean. The things I’m thinking in my head never come out on paper the way I was thinking them. I know you, Laura, knowing me, that you understand what I am saying. LOL

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    • Hope isn’t something that’s with us 100% of the time. We all lose hope. I think it’s a natural thing. But I like to think it’s also something that eventually finds us again. 🙂


  2. Run Laura, run!!! Looking forward to hearing of your next success. And let’s hope we’ve seen the last of the white stuff til year’s end!

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  3. You are not alone. It doesn’t seem to matter how many books you have under your belt, it never gets easier. I tend to get discouraged at some point along the way, every time! I even think I should just forget this writing thing and do something else but I keep going and then suddenly I have another book completed. I spoke to my son in Alberta and he said winter is dragging on there too and they are sick and tired of it. I hope your tulips will be OK. Hint, there are tulips in my next book. xo

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    • It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one, Darlene. I did quit the other day, hadn’t dome that in a long time, but of course it didn’t The snow is coming down now. 😦 Oooh, Is Amanda going to Holland this time? 😉

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  4. Gloria

     /  April 23, 2018

    Hope eternal!

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