At Long Last–Good Mothers Don’t

After what turned out to be a challenging week, this was waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home from work. I’ve got to be honest, I was starting to wonder if June would actually be the month. Of course back when the world was normal, my book was to be out in time for Mother’s day. It just goes to show how things can change. But I am not complaining. Today, many business in Nova Scotia have opened up. There is a small light at the end of the tunnel and it is so very welcomed.

I am as pleased as can be with the books and so grateful to everyone at Nimbus Publishing. Having a adult fiction novel published has been my dream since forever. The books are absolutely beautiful. Hopefully, you’ll see that for yourself soon enough.

So, to update the update on the update. The books have arrived!!

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  1. Even more reason to have a Vittles meeting – or I’ll come to your place to get a copy?


  2. How wonderful!! I just loved this book. When is it available for purchase?


  3. Hi Laura, How exciting for you! Congratulations!
    Today (June 10) I received notice that my copies are on the way to me. YAY! Of course, I can’t donate one of them to the library until the COVID restrictions allow, but I get mine!


  4. Congratulations, Laura on the release. There’s that saying about waiting leading to great excitement, which escapes my mind right now. If I may ask, what made it the time you decided to write an adult novel, and why mental illness/mental health as the underlying theme?

    My dad, after becoming a medic in the Army, he was assigned to the psych ward. The few times he mentioned about it (maybe 2-3 times), he said it’s brutal work at best. He put a lot guys in straight jackets and making sure the patients took their meds. He had the opinion things didn’t change that much through the years.

    Much success and best wishes.


    • Thanks, David. I’d actually been writing short stories for literary magazines for years until I wrote my first YA novel. This novel began as a collection of linked stories that my publisher thought was really a novel and so I decided to take his advice. It was challenging with so many different layers and so much that needed to be built upon and expanded so that all the gaps to the story was filled in. I didn’t set out to write a story about a woman suffering with mental illness, it’s who the character was, if that makes sense. The very first SS told of a woman who abandoned her children and was told in the daughter’s POV but when the story ended, I still didn’t know what this woman had left her children which then prompted me to write her story. That was when I discovered that she’d been mentally ill at the time. So, it really was a matter of who the character was and not me just picking a theme. I hope that makes sense. I hope you are all staying well in your part of the world.


      • Makes sense.

        Yes, we’re staying well. The daughters and I are here in NY for three horses shows, this week being the last week. It’s not so bad since the shows are closed to the public. I’m part of the support team – horse tech and “go-fer”. We also have two grooms that made the trip out with us. Some of the equestrians from Canada who would be riding here, unfortunately, they’re not here with the border closed. Back home in Colorado, it might be getting to the point where places need to be closed again. They reopened too fast, but moreover there was no downward turn. A big “oh well …”

        Stay well, stay safe.



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