It’s Not You, it my Internets

You know how when someone says, it’s not you, it’s me they’re really trying to tell you to go take a hike, get lost, leave and never come back. You know that, right?

But I’m not saying that to my readers or anyone even though the title of the blog post might suggest something different. I love it when you all come to visit my blog.

BUT the reality of my online presence is that I struggle on a daily basis with rural internet woes. I’m surprised someone hasn’t written a little ditty about it as apparently 30% of us here in Nova Scotia do not have adequate high-speed. *sigh*

What does that mean someone who’s not in that 30% might ask?

Well, for me, it means that I’m not always present on Facebook or Twitter, and when I am there most times it’s in a limited capacity. Pages only partially load or fail to load altogether. I can’t always “react” to my friends posts or comment. Accessing FB messenger is sometimes impossible for days at a time. I can’t always create posts or upload photos. Just think of all that witty content you’re missing out on. (Okay, that last part is a joke but you know what I mean.) What I miss greatly is that I don’t get to see your photos or videos, do video chats or anything of that sort. Visiting blogs is a challenge some days and leaving a comment can literally take a half hour of attempting over and over only to have to give in and concede defeat. And simply not having the time to wait and wait which is even more frustrating than waiting for an editor to make a decision on a book you’ve submitted for publication. (Yeah, THAT bad!)

What I will say it that so many of you have been simply super at promoting my new book online in my absence, posting photos of the cover and putting the book out there, sharing MY posts to the people on you friend lists. What would I do without you helping me out? I can’t thank you all enough.

Needless to say, I’m beyond frustrated with my Internets situation, but it’s my reality for now.

So, please don’t ever feel that I’m ignoring any of you if I’m sometimes late to the party or don’t show up at all. It’s not you, I promise, it’s my Internets. I enjoy reading what you post on social media and the photos you post that I sometimes get to see, but not all the time because they don’t always load. And I thank you all for your help in promoting my books. It is something I’m forever grateful for.

BUT we’ve been given a small bit of light in this very dark tunnel. I’ve been told by our MLA that our community is on the list to receive high-speed and people in the community have spoken to workers in the are who are out “scouting” the area. Still, as I sit here this morning with my coffee, making several attempts to get into my Facebook messages, I have to wonder if this is all talk, all for show or will the seeming will impossible finally come to pass.

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  1. I feel your pain. I was worried I might run into a similar problem when we moved to Spain, but thankfully soon after we moved here, fiber optics were installed and I have have very little problem. We do rely on the internet for so much, especially as writers. Good luck with getting your much needed high-speed internet!! (On the plus side, you have more time for writing than those of us glued to Facebook etc.) Sending hugs. xo


  2. I look back and raise an eyebrow at what was my very recent attitude towards a ‘slow internet’. It’s sure a matter of perspective! You would probably be thrilled at what nearly drove me to tears. I’ve been recording parts of church services and uploading them to the church’s YouTube channel for years. Despite the reliability of my internet service, I had resorted to uploading them overnight because the process often took more than three hours and that tied up my computer. We looked into satellite and fibre optic delivery, but neither were available in our rural area. But this spring an high(er) speed option did become available, just when the Covid-19 pandemic was requiring my upload of even larger videos. We upgraded and I am ecstatic at the speed! So take heart; when it finally comes, the contrast will be remarkable.


    • Oh wow! I can’t even watch a one minute YouTube video. there was a time when I could get small videos to load, but the Internet is no longer compatible with slow speed connections. I have maybe one or two days that I’m able to access Facebook messages, then it’s gone. really frustrating when you can see you have messages waiting for you for days at a time. But yes, hopeful, is the only way to go. So that is what I shall remain.


  3. janlcoates

     /  July 4, 2020

    Fingers crossed for you. Tx for including me in your acknowledgements. Can’t wait to chat about our mutual friend Elizabeth when we meet next🥰


    • I was hoping you’d get out your magic wand. I sometimes think that’s what it will take, especially when you see people in Halifax County without adequate high-speed. Apparently J. P Cormier has launched a class action lawsuit over this. Hopefully, he’ll get some results. It shouldn’t come to this, though.


  4. Hoping with you that you will soon have high speed Internet!



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