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Have you read my book and enjoyed it? (Wait…maybe you shouldn’t don’t answer that… Just kidding…I think.) If you have read Good Mothers Don’t and would like to help out here’s something you can do.

I recently received this email from my publisher. 

We’re working really hard to find ways to get your books out in front of readers, and I’m reaching out with something that you can do to help. When you’re talking to friends, family and fans, encourage them to post a reviews of your book on places like Goodreads, Indigo and Amazon.

While reviews are important any time, they are even more so during this pandemic. I’ve got to be honest, this probably isn’t the best time to have a book released. With that said, I am so very grateful that it is finally out there in the world and finding its way into the hands of readers. Tomorrow, August 31st, the kindle edition will be released on and .

My understanding is that you don’t have to have purchased your book on sites like Amazon in order to rate books and write reviews so long as you have an account there. If you’re reading this and know different, please share. I personally don’t purchase things online. My horrible internet plays a big role in that.

Some of you have already reviewed my book on GoodReads. Awesome! I really appreciate it more than you know. FYI you can also rate books without actually writing reviews, but if you want to write something even a one line review is fine. All these things can help gain attention for any book. Some people pay close attention to these ratings and reviews when deciding what they want to read.

To date, so many of my friends and family have shared the cover of my book with their friends on Facebook and that’s been really, really awesome. It’s put my book in front of people who might not have otherwise been aware of it. Word of mouth is a really powerful selling tool. I can’t say that enough.

So, I wanted to pass this message from publisher along to my family, friends and fans. If you have time and feel so inclined a rating or review on any of these sites would be very much appreciated. 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Laura. I had initially put a review on Goodreads but was not able to on the bookseller sites until it was released. So now it is on and Indigo. I don´t see your book on or (Those are huge markets) It is listed with the Book Depository so that´s good as they ship free anywhere in the world. Anything else I can do to help, let me know. It’s such a great book.


    • It is actually on The kindle edition is available on August 31st, but the print version isn’t being released until October 31st. Not sure about Amazon. UK. And thank you, Darlene. You are always So supportive of other authors. You are a sweetheart. ❤

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      • I found the book on but since I haven’t spent $50.00 on their site (I typically order from I was not able to leave a review. I wish they would put the reviews on all the sites.


        • Wait. This is something I didn’t know. A review isn’t posted unless the reader has spent $50 at Amazon? I haven’t bought a lot from Amazon this year (I assume author copies of our books don’t count), and I think the total was less than $50. While Amazon sent a message saying my review for Laura’s book was posted, I just checked, and it’s not there.


  2. Ironically, I just posted a review for “Cammie Takes Flight” to my website, Goodreads and Amazon (.ca only). Since I took the summer off with regard to the computer, I’m way behind with blog posts, reviews and other matters. I read “Cammie Takes Flight” in the spring. In my review, I mentioned your most recent release, so hopefully that will direct some traffic your way.

    I haven’t read “Good Mothers Don’t” yet, but I will share your post on my blog by the end of the day to get the word out. Good luck.


  3. Kathy Morgan

     /  August 30, 2020

    I think I’ve done a review for Chapter/Indigo and I’m going straight to Goodreads and Amazon to let potential readers of your book know how great it is!


  4. Sue Slade

     /  September 24, 2020

    I have tried to leave reviews with Amazon- but they tell me I have not spent enough money at Amazon to leave a review. I would like to add that you can do Google Reviews as well.


  1. Reviews Sought for “Good Mothers Don’t” | Diane Tibert

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