Merry Bookmas to Me

I have no illusions that Christmas is going to be like every other year. In fact, I’m positive. How can it be? We’re in the midst of a pandemic. My family will not be able to come because of the restrictions that I don’t expect to be lifted in time to save Christmas. However, we’re making plans to celebrate later when it is safe for everyone. Disappointing? Absolutely. But we’ve all lived through disappointments. I refused to say that Christmas will be ruined. When we are able get together again the important part will be the actual getting together. That can happen anytime and we don’t need Christmas to do that.

So this Christmas, I decided to pick up some books to celebrate. I mean, if you can’t be with family, then spend your time reading. Right?

Here are some books I’m very anxious to get to, and to top it all off they’re from local Maritime authors. WALLS OF THE CAVE as been our for awhile now, but it’s one you shouldn’t miss. I’ve had BRIGHTEN THE CORNER WHERE YOU ARE for a few weeks now and I just picked up BOY WITH A PROBLEM yesterday when I was in town. I’ll be reading them over the Christmas break.I’m sure I don’t have to remind any of you that buying local books, helps to support our local authors. And don’t forget our local books stores while you’re at it. Whenever possible support them as well. I know plenty of people pre-order books through Amazon, but did you know you can also do the same at your local Indie bookstore? Just saying.

And to satisfy my “young at heart side” THE HERMIT by Jan Coates and THE RISE AND FALL OF DEREK COWELL by Valerie Sherrard: two great novels for kids. I’ve already read the HERMIT (loved it) and am part way through THE RISE AND FALL OF DEREK CROWELL (loving it!)

These are just five books that have been taking up place in the Best household recently; five out of all the wonderful local Maritime books that are out there just waiting to find readers.

I’m not sure what your Christmas is shaping up to look like this year, but I hope you’ll consider giving either yourself, or someone on your gift list, a book from a local author. And because I’m always happy to promote other authors, please feel free to leave any book recommendations in the comment section of this blog. If you’re an author, feel free to give your own book a shout-out. We’d love to hear about your book.

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  1. I’ve thought about picking up a few new books, but I honestly have a huge to-read stack, so I’ve banned myself from buying books until the spring. However, I have a few books bought to give to family.

    We’re having flurries in this part of Nova Scotia. That mixed with all the lights the kids have strung around the outside of the house, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. All three are vying to be the one to get the tree. We’ll see who cuts one down first.

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    • It’s been challenging at the moment to find time to read, but i do find it difficult to resist picking up some books during the holiday season—well, any time if I’m being honest. 😀 We woke up to a skiff of snow here. Not a lot of holiday spirit in our house this year with everything going on but we’ll get through it and things will improve. My husband wants to put up an artificial tree…lol.


  2. Happy Christmas reading! I am currently reading The Hermit and loving it too. You have a great selection there. If anyone is looking to travel without leaving their house, I might suggest the Amanda Travels series. I know your granddaughter enjoys them.

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  3. Yes, she does enjoy them very much! Thanks for sharing the link and Merry Christmas! ❤

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