Valentine’s Day 2021

In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a very creative friend of mine sent me this photo of her work and I loved it so much that I just had to share it with all of you. Her world is filled with images, arrangements and colour, while my world is filled with words. 

Creativity has many faces and it’s a amazing just how many. Creativity adds balance to our lives, an outlet to express what we might not necessarily be able to say in words. It springs from our very being, a thought, a feeling, that can’t be silenced. I sometimes wonder if we ever come to the end to our creativity or if it changes along with us.  and if we stop being creative do we stop being who we are?

I have read that we all came to the planet to create and I believe that is true. We only have to look at the world around us to understand that. People have always been creative from the very beginning of time. Thank goodness for that.

I found a quote by Sylvia Plath that seemed quite fitting for this post and it reminded me that, while many of us will experience self-doubt, especially when it comes to our creative endeavors, we mustn’t let that stop of from expressing who we really are. 

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Sylvie Plath

Please do not let self-doubt stop you from creating in whatever form or forms that feel right for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day–May you find some way to express the creative you today and every day! 

Feel free to share in the comment section what form you have found for expressing your creativity.

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  1. Sirje Ruus

     /  February 13, 2021

    Dear Laura — A very happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope all your literary dreams come true. Which they will of course — From your overflowing creative source – Sorry about the drivel – couldn’t resist. Was inspired to write you this short note as my last book – Sucking Stone (before Pancake and after Walls) presently languishing in ms form in the dusty and forgotten office(s) of Quattro– is just about this very thing you write about – how creativity assists us in getting through the disparagements and tragedies of life. Sylvia Plath plays a role in the book also. Great minds. . .as they say. . . . I don’t know if I told you, but the translation is on again — whenever I get the hard copy of the book. I am hoping soon — these February days are better for that sort of work than summer (which is probably when it will arrive). Luck and love — Maybe you’ll have a launch for me to come to when the snows melt. xo Syr


    • Thanks for your note, Syr. It’s always comforting me to know that you are out there in cyber land and never far away. I miss our coffee chats. Hopefully, we will be able to reconnect again when the nice weather comes. I am glad to know that you continue to create during these challenging times. I was glad to hear that the translation is back on again. Hopefully, you’ll soon be able to start. Stay safe, my friend. xo


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! Everyone is creative in their own way. I am happy to be able to spin a tale or two. My daughter makes pottery and my son plays music. Others are good at sewing things and others are creative in their cooking and baking. I think everyone needs a creative outlet of some kind.


    • Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, having a creative outlet, I think, has helped many us this past year more than ever. It is something never to be underestimated.


  3. I agree with Sylvia in that quote. I’ve seen too many put aside writing and other creative endeavours because they thought they couldn’t. What do I do? Too many to list, but a few are writing, sketching, painting and woodworking.


    • Yes, Sylvia hit the nail on the head for sure. I sometimes wonder about the people who gave up because they thought they weren’t good enough. Creativity is such a personal thing and I don’t think something that should necessarily be judged by others. With that said, people do judge. We should create in whatever form we are called to so long as we enjoy what we’re doing. Forget the opinions of others.(Although easier said than done sometimes.) There will always be those who won’t like what we’ve created. Hopefully, their opinions won’t stop our flow of creativity.



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