Saying Good Bye to THE FAMILY WAY

Just moments ago I said goodbye to THE FAMILY WAY. Honestly, I breathed a sigh of relief. This means, of course, that the files have now been sent off to the printer and we are coming into the home stretch. The April 13th release day is not that far away .

The Family Way is book #3 in the Cammie series. The first two books were of course FLYING WITH A BROKEN WING and CAMMIE TAKES FLIGHT.

Soon, I’ll be holding all our hard work in my hands. Yes, I did say “our hard work” because it takes many hands to get a book to publication. Can’t say enough good about the entire Nimbus team. Hard to believe this is my fifth book with them. I well remember when the publication of a book felt like an unattainable dream, one that I kept working toward even those times when I didn’t believe it would ever happen.

Here is the final cover, front and back. Call me silly, but I’m quite partial to the little pram on the book spine.  Some of you might recognize the building on the front as The Ideal Maternity Home. The Blurb on the back was written by Hadley Dyer, a writer I admire greatly. We met many years ago when her book, JOHNNY KELLOCK DIED TODAY was published and she later gave me some wonderful advice that I never forgot. And the fact that she’s a “Valley girl” is an added bonus. We actually attended the same high school–in different centuries of course.

The Family Way can be pre-ordered right now directly from Me, the author (Yes, I’ll take pre-orders too if you’re in the area! Simply message me on Facebook or through the CONTACT page of this blog. )You can also pre-order from your local  Independent bookstore,    Nimbus Publishing. Indigo

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  1. Congratulations!! So exciting. Will it be out in a digital version as well? It is on my TBR list. LOVE the cover and that little buggy is perfect.

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  2. Oh my gosh, Laura. I have to learn to speed read to keep up with you! This is fabulous news! Huge congratulations; I am pre-ordering this week and making sure Wolfville library gets a copy too.

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    • Thank you Lynn for your continued support over the years. You are so wonderfully supportive to so many authors. Your generosity does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. ❤

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  3. sirje ruus

     /  February 22, 2021

    I already have almost an entire shelf of my bookcase (well, half of it anyway) devoted to books by Laura Best — and here’s another one (two, actually, as I recall)- on the way! Huge congratulations, Laura. We already are aware of the inside quality – looking good on the outside as well.

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    • Thank you , as always, for your sweet comment. Syr and for being so supportive.I am surprised to already see A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT showing up in places online. It’s already listed on GoodReads. PS:Yes, I’m planning to read it!


  4. Congratulations, Laura! Dreams do come true. I wish you continued success.

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    • Thanks, Linda. You’re absolutely right, dreams do come true when we set our minds to something and do the work involved. All the best to you as well. 🙂

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