The Count Down Is On

Today marks a month until the release of my next book THE FAMILY WAY, a middle grade novel  based on the true story of The Ideal Maternity Home and its tragic Butterbox Babies. The count down is on! It won’t be long now. As I mentioned before it can be pre-ordered through your local books store, directly from Nimbus Publishing, Chapters and Amazon. But you all know that.

Spring is around us and its fills me with hope. I even saw my first robin. While we still have some snow hanging around in my area, you don’t have to go far to see open fields without a single solitary flake.

Releasing a new book is always exciting, even during a pandemic. As with my last book, I expect things will be slightly different and much will depend upon the restrictions that are in place in the coming weeks. You can be sure that I’ll keep you updated.

Having sent my first round of editors off to my illustrious editor for A SURE CURE FOR WITCHCRAFT, I am back working on a YA novel I began some time ago. It’s so nice to be creating for a change and having a break from edits. There is always something to work at. I will keep you up on the news that might come along.

This weekend the time changes. I’m not a big fan of the spring-ahead thing. I often wished they’d leave the time one way or another. But since the “powers that be” don’t often check these things out with me, I am at the mercy of this time change like everyone else.

I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead!


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  1. One month to go, how exciting! I have places my pre-order. Did you find sales for Good Mothers Don’t were affected by the pandemic? My next book comes out in May and I think things will be a tad different.


    • It’s hard to say how sales were effected. I think it will take longer for me to say because of various things. For instance, the ebook didn’t come out until a few months after the paperback so I have no idea how those sales were yet. Not to mention this was my first novel for adults. They say people were reading a lot during the pandemic. I think another royalty statement will give me a better idea.

      I’m sure your new book will do great as you have an established audience and a LOT of people love Amanda! Lots of luck. ❤


  2. At least working through the wait helps pass the time profitably. Time is a strange thing during this pandemic. Some days and weeks seem to have evaporated, while others are interminably long.

    Looking forward to THE FAMILY WAY, and wishing you much success with it.


    • Thanks, Carol. It does help to stay busy and nice to have another book waiting in the wings. (Just for curiousity sake I’ll mention that WordPress put your comment in the spam folder. I guess it pays to check!


  3. Nice to have all of Cammie’s story told – or maybe not… So glad your mum is home!


    • I have to admit, I do see the potential for more Cammie stories but whether or not they will come to fruition is another thing. I guess time will eventually tell. Yes, we’re glad she’s home too and so is she. Nice not to spend a Saturday at the hospital.



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