Year Twelve–Another Anniversary

Thinking back over the years since I started this blog, I realized it had been twelve years ago today. I was a soon to be published author and I needed some kind of web presence. Twelve years is a long time to keep posting on a blog.

Many of the people I got to know through blogging have long since abandoned the blogs they had. Everyone once in awhile I will check back only to see they haven’t updated in years. Blogging is a big commitment. I don’t update on a regular basis, just whenever I have something to say.

Today marks my 673rd post. That’s a lot of words to come up with on a fairly regular basis. I am now preparing to see my sixth book in print this September. I can remember wondering once the first one came out if there would ever be a second. Someone even told that “Everyone has one book in them.” Back then, I thought maybe they might be right.

Well, since the fall of 2022 will see the publication of my seventh book, I guess I had more than one.

So Happy Anniversary to my little blog. I hope you’ll continue to visit me in my little corner of the web.

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  1. Congratulations. Bloggers come and go, so it’s so nice to see you still here. What a difference 12 years makes! All the best for the next 12.


  2. Did WordPress tell you what #post it is? I remember when you used to post almost weekly. I aim for monthly, but don’t even get that a lot of the time. It’s kind of nice to have somewhat of a record of your life.


    • You can see the number of posts on the site stats, along with how many followers, and shares, and spam comments, etc. My posts are so random. I suppose I should have a set time but I’ve never been organized the way some people are.



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