Author in a Small Town

Does that title actually say small town? Okay, so that is a total and complete exaggeration on my part. I remember when the year I went to Toronto when Cammie Takes Flight was nominated for a Silver Birch Award. I was talking to one of the other nominated author who said they were from a small town of only 20,000.

I thought wow, 20,000. That many? I looked at her and said “Try 200.” Yes, I did say 200. Now, that’s not an exact count. I really don’t know what that number would be. It could be a little more or a little less

I’m not really sure how many full-time residents we actually have, but we’re small. No doubt someone out there has that information. Yes, there are plenty of cottagers who are here on a part time basis, some for only a few weeks through the summer. I see their cars go by and on busy weekends my husband often expresses displeasure at seeing three or four cars, unknown to him, go by all at once. Oh the traffic! Traffic in small community is never thought of as a good thing unless there’s an event going on at the community centre. And that’s when you know you live in a small town place.

I finally got my shipment of my new book, THE FAMILY WAY. It was a big order, thanks to all those who ordered through me because they wanted an author signed copy. Being an author in a small town place doesn’t make me specially in anyway, but rather it makes the people who support me special. Many people write books, we see new books being published all the time, but believe me, not all of them have their family, friends and neighbours rally around them each time a new book comes out.

And as I announced on social media that the books had finally made it to my house, I was thinking how this is so typical of a small community. I really can’t say enough good about all the supportive people in my life. And while I couldn’t have an in-person launch again this time, this really is the second best thing.

So here I am, just your typical author in a small town place, looking over my shipment of books and hoping, so very much, that when my next book comes out in September we’ll be able to have a real small town place book launch. PS: There has been talk about cheesecake. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Congratulations from one small place to another.


  2. I grew up on a farm near a very small place in Alberta. Apparently, it was called a hamlet. There were about 175 people living there at the time. I love small town or place people.


    • I have been told a hamlet is a little place without a church. Oddly, as small as what our community is, at one time we had three churches holding services. Only one has services these days, but I can see the day when it will also close.

      People from small communities have a lot of character that is for sure!

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      • We did have two churches in our small village. Here is what I found, a hamlet is 1. a small village or group of houses 2. (in Britain) a village without its own church Since we aren’t in Britain, we were OK to call it a hamlet. Whatever it was called Dad would always say, “I’m going to town to pick up some parts.”


  3. Judi M. Hiltz

     /  July 4, 2021

    LOL!! I would really like to know who is going to make all those cheesecakes!!! I guess we could make them all in cup cakes pans. We would only have to make a few hundred or so. I will have to talk to Bonnie about that, I’m sure she could whip those up while I am thinking of some way to decorate the hall. Something to think about, don’t you think??? Love Ya!! (I think)…lol


    • We’ll all dress up like witches. It’ll be fun. 🙂 Here’s hoping we can actually have a launch this time. 😉


  4. The cover is beautiful, Laura. Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you. The population of Bucerias is 9000 in the summer and 16000 in the winter. I love that I know all my neighbours.



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