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I’m a guest on the Nimbus blog today. Find out how a blog post I wrote here on my blog twelve years ago ties into the publication of my soon-to-be released book A Sure Cure for Witchcraft. There’s also some advice for writers! Follow the link HERE to find out what that is.

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  1. Syr Ruus

     /  August 18, 2021

    Can’t wait to read the newest one, Laura. Nice explanation of how writers work and how long it really takes.


    • Thanks Syr. Two books in one year makes for busy times. I’m sure you remember us talking about this book many years ago! Thanks for commenting. ❤


  2. Good for you, Laura, for not letting go when you knew it would work eventually.


    • Thanks Lynn. I’m definitely glad I stuck with this story. I’m pretty excited about the book and there’s no denying that it feels good to accomplish something particularly when it’s challenging.

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  3. The best attribute for a writer is perseverance, which you have in spades! So glad you didn´t give up on this one and I can´t wait to read it. A great post.


    • Thanks Darlene. As you know, some stories can get under our skin. I really wanted to see this one published. The marvelous thing is that we can go back as many times as need be.



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