Welcome to the Real World

My last post saw me reflecting about the use of social media in our lives, and even questioning the reality of it all. Since then, I’ve been taking a bit of a breather from Facebook and Twitter. I’m basically checking things out in messenger each day, but that’s about it. What I was finding is that I wasn’t being as productive as I wanted to be. It was far to easy to get caught up reading posts and comments, keeping up with those on my friends list just to see what they’re doing. Have I used it as a stall tactic to keep me from dealing with some of the other things in my life? Maybe. I’m sure most of us have found ourselves caught up in that a time or two. Procrastination has been my friend on more than one occasion.

And so for some of those reasons, I’ve decided to spend more time in the real world. I think, many of us can benefit from a break every now and again. Who knows perhaps I’ll have more time to devote to my blog, certainly my writing. And, this is big– I may even devote more time to doing housework.

I’m not saying that social media is all bad, because it isn’t. As one person pointed out in the comment section of my last post, social media is what helped her get through the pandemic. I agree with what she had to say. I’m sure many people had that same experience during the pandemic when we were holed up in our houses for weeks and months. It did help me stay connected to my kids during that time. Some days, I lived for those video chats and photos of what the grandkids were doing. It was a pretty scary and solitary time for most of us.

I also agree that there are some lovely people out there to be met, people we would never have connected to without social media. Some people I then went on to meet in real life. Right Sue? And it is the very people we encounter who help enrich our lives on many levels. The world around us is changing. There’s no denying that.

So, as I take some time to reflect upon the direction I want my life to go in, I plan to enjoy the beautiful fall colours and spend more time in nature. Fall is my absolute favourite time of year for a variety of reasons.

I believe life is a balance. Exactly what is that balance? That’s up to each of us to decide. There’s no right or wrong. Truthfully, I think whatever that balance is for us, it can change from week to week, month to month, or maybe even day to day. If you’re feeling the way I am, it’s probably time to take a bit of a breather from social media as well. If you’re feeling totally good about the time you devote to social media, then that’s wonderful. You’ve found what that balance is for you.

I’ll leave you with this lovely rose blooming in my garden. An October rose–how about that?

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  1. You have been so productive recently I don’t think you can accuse yourself of procrastination! A gorgeous rose. Enjoy the fall days!


    • Thanks, Darlene. I thank you for the vote of confidence, but life doesn’t often go in the direction we’d hoped or expected. I haven’t been feeling particularly productive lately, but I’m trying to accept that there’s also a time for procrastination. 😉


  2. While the Internet has its benefits, I agree: it’s not the real world.



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