A Tree Hunting We Will Go

I’m fortunate enough to live in a place where you don’t have to go far to find a balsam fir tree for Christmas. In fact, I worked in the Christmas tree industry for many years, so I know quite a bit about them. So what makes a perfect Christmas tree, you might ask this trees-pert? Okay, so that’s a word Hubby made up a few years ago, but I’m sure you get the idea.

The truth behind finding the perfect Christmas tree lies with the person doing the finding. Not all trees are the same. I’m sure you’ve noticed that while strolling through a Christmas tree lot. Some are tall, others short; thin, wide; missing limbs. I could go on. Some trees will hold their needles, other will shed as soon as you bring them in the house. Colours can also vary. And what’s more, each person has their own idea of what makes a perfect tree.

Today, we went with the little Bs to find that perfect tree for their house. What we discovered was, perfect or not, being together as family, sharing the experience, is what makes finding that perfect tree well, perfect.

As with many things in life, it is the journey and not necessarily the end result. It is the laughter and smiles, sometimes the little mishaps along the way, that we later look back on with fondness.

My hope is that Christmas 2021 will be remembered in years to come for more than just another Christmas during a pandemic, but ultimately, that will be up to each of us to decide what we make of it. Myself, I intend to enjoy this Christmas with the people who are able to be here to help us celebrate. It will likely be different than some of our past Christmases but different is only bad if you decide it is, in the same way that perfect Christmas tree you picked from a lot might not look all that perfect to someone else. It’s all in the way we perceive the world around us.

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  1. Exactly. Well said, my friend. I too plan to enjoy every minute of this Christmas. Picking out a Christmas tree is always fun especially with children.


    • It was fun, but chilly today. It was nice that we had the sun, though. Last Christmas came with it’s challenges with my mother in the hospital and families not able to get together because of restrictions. Right, now things look promising for Nova Scotia this year. Not sure if Miss Charlotte will make it again this year. It will be a wait and see, likely right up to the end. Time will tell.


  2. I agree. Each Christmas is always different. This evening, my three kids (18 to 23) are decorating one of my son’s trucks with more than 1,000 lights. They are light fanatics. They think they may need 1,000 more.

    As for the perfect tree, I prefer imperfect. Natural. Not tree-lot trimmed. Cut from the backyard or a friend’s property. And, I agree, the fun is finding the tree and the adventure it brings.


    • We actually went to my brother’s lot not far from where we live and there was one tree, high on a stump, natural, that I knew he was likely leaving for a future seed tree. It just so happened that that was the one someone wanted, that was their perfect tree. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

      We grew up knowing only a natural tree. I remember, in the late seventies, we had our first sheared tree. And now, I think you might have just inspired a future blog post, and brought up lots of childhood memories!

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      • We are lucky not everyone likes the same thing because then there wouldn’t be enough of that one thing to go around.



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