Deciding What Matters Most

I’ve spent a lot of time hating the pandemic, feeling like a victim, a captive, while reading about its progression though-out the world. The weeks/ months of isolation when we couldn’t be near family and friends took a devastating toll upon many of us. In the beginning months, I sat mesmerized, horrified, in front of the TV, listening as many of us did. Horrified and yet oddly fascinated at the same time. Was this really happening to the world? For many months the pandemic was my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. The uncertainty we found ourselves in as we tried to sifted through news reports and info–deciding for ourselves what was real and what was false.

I’m not getting into any discussions on vaccinations or even the handling of this whole nightmarish event, but rather, what struck me this morning was our ability to find some good in the chaos that is now before us.

As with everything that appears bad on the outside, there is usually something good to be found if we choose to. I think that’s the optimal word here–choose. We have to choose to see the good, no matter how hard we might have to look.

We can look at the many acts of kindness that people have been a part of, the sometimes creative ways they have come up with to connect with one another without “physically” connecting. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people have realized that the things they previous held precious in this world have now suddenly changed. We value relationships more, and time spent with loved ones, not just giving it lip service, but actually feeling it. I know I do.

I can only imagine that as we head into another Christmas season during a pandemic, we will find a way to make the best of what we have.

We always have a choice in life as to how we will look at situations and circumstances. My hope, is that each of us will find a way to create special moments and make the choice to enjoy what is there before us rather than longing for the way Christmas used to be.

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     /  December 12, 2021

    Someone said to me once “when you have a problem, get creative”. I always remember that. Life’s challenges make us stronger. Where there is a will, there’s a way.


  2. When I think of how folks had to adapt during 6 years of war here in Europe, what we have to deal with during the pandemic is really nothing. We are a generation that has not had to suffer, for the most part, and this hit us hard. I chatted on Skype with a good friend I haven’t seen for over 2 years and we were so happy to have the technology to still be able to see and talk to each other. You are so right, we always have a choice on how we handle things.


    • I have to agree that technology does have it’s advantages and has helped so many of us maneuver through this pandemic. You are right, we are a generation that has not had to endure the hardships that so many before us have.


  3. Life is about attitude. A good attitude will give a good life. Here’s to good attitudes.



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